The world of a super spy is filled with fast cars, amazing gadgets, and let's not forget about the ladies. Bringing that universe to an MMO game will not only be a challenge but require a special attention to storytelling. What potential pitfalls will The Agency need to avoid and are their advantages not found in other genres available? Jump in the Audi and grab your Walther PPK, we have plenty to talk about just inside.

The world of spies has been fascinating millions since the popularization of Ian Fleming’s James Bond in the 1960's. Sexy, sleek, and living in the lap of luxury, these super spy adventurers have provided a beautiful back drop for twenty-four movies (along with two unofficial flicks) making it the longest running character series in history. While other series such as Jason Bourne have brought a more serious and violent look at the spy world, we still cling to the smooth operations of Bond. Translating all this to a videogame and creating an MMO universe might seem like a fairly simple task by just using Bond as a model, but there are a few elements that will complicate things.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016