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Air date: December 18, 2010

Episode length:00:58:30

This week on the last Ten Ton Hammer Live of 2010, Jesse and Ben
welcome Adam Mersky and Kate Paiz from Turbine to talk about the
amazing progress The
Lord of the Rings Online
has made since switching to
free-to-play. Turns out, all the impressions gamers had about the free
to play model were wrong. We also learn that the hobbits aren't the
only ones going to Isegard, as soon you will be too - when we discuss
their plans for the upcoming expansion. After it's all said and done,
Adam and Kate stick around for a Master Looter sure to make even the
most skeptic person question the existance of dragons and orcs.


In the news this week, Ben and Jesse discuss what happened to
Square-Enix, the Cataclysm Sell-A-Thon, and why style="font-style: italic;">Rift is freaking


All this and more - Only on Ten Ton Hammer Live!


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Bumpers in order of play: "We Interrupt This Programme" (Jean Claude
Ades Remix), Chromeo - "Night by Night", Master Looter Theme, Shawn
Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - "Carol of the Bells"

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