Deadpool is in quite a few video games, if you didn't know. By a few, seriously, there are lots with him showing up or a reference to him, but very few that let you play as Deadpool. We've got the games you can play as him listed below, especially if you want to see some Deadpool theatrics before he hits the big screen. There is actually a Deadpool the Game, which is a full complete Deadpool game with its own story and everything. It wasn't for sale for a bit, but it's back on Steam now and I rather enjoyed it. I actually got a copy of it as my birthday gift to myself last year and played through it on my birthday, as it was sort of one of those indulgences for something that's just raw action game.

This merc with a mouth is out of control, but only Deadpool the Game has all of his naughty dialog fully in the game. He does have a female costume in Marvel Heroes though!

Deadpool the Game

This game lets you play as Deadpool and it's actually really good. It's basically a mix of Devil May Cry and literally every action game to ever involve swords and guns ever. It's pretty funny and very true to the style of Deadpool, and involves lots of heroes and crazy stories. It's really fun, and if you're a big fan of Deadpool, you need to play it.

Marvel Heroes 2016

Not only can you play as Deadpool, but you can also play as Pirate Deadpool which is two times more or less cool, depending on where you're at on the pirates vs. ninjas war.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

He is literally really hard to unlock in this game, as you need all red bricks in the game, which require a lot of playing to get it all unlocked, but he's playable and you can play as him and that totally counts.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 / Marvel Fighting Games

Starting with Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, Deadpool began making his way as a cameo in various marvel fighting games. He appears in most Marvel fighting games, including on mobile such as Marvel Contest of Champions.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance (Xbox 360)

He's playable in the game and available fairly early if memory remembers correctly. Marvel Ultimate Alliance was a really fun game on the Xbox 360.

He's also in Marvel Super Hero Squad, but in a far more innocent way less Deadpool capacity.


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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2016

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