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DCUO Instance Boss Tips

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Boss instances are a big part of a DC Universe Online gameplay and really one of the highlights of the game.  The storylines in game all seem to have this epic build up where finally, you are standing toe to toe with one of the most well known characters in the comic book realm.  Whether you are taking on Superman or attempting to stop Harley Quinn's insanity, there are some basics that every player should know that will help you survive boss instances.  If you are looking for specific strats, we have some of those too in our boss walkthrough guides.

Strats vary for each fight but you can always find something that works.

Be Prepared

This tip is number one because I cannot even count the amount of times I went into an instance and realized I was down to my last two soder colas.  Some bosses are tougher than others so some will take more resources to get through the battle.  Before you head into the instance, do a quick checklist!  Make sure your best gear is equipped, you have the loadout you need, and always have plenty of consumables on hand.  If you don't, take a few minutes to get squared away so that you aren't wasting time getting knocked out.  Leaving an instance resets it, so it just makes far more sense to get settled prior to going in, rather than going in ill-prepared and having to start the whole thing all over again.

Know Your Abilities

You have skills and super powers, do you know which ones are more effective in any given situation?  You should!  In boss fights, stuns, knock backs, and general crowd control can make a big difference.  If your target is stunned, it can't hit you with its super-duper-eat-your-face-off power, right?  Get to know all of the powers you have chosen and recognize when they might be most useful.  This is particularly important since you can only have a handful of powers active at one time.  Also, don't ignore your combos!  I was having a heck of a time with a boss once and found that the best way to win was to combo the sucker to death.  Tap, tap, hold.  Tap, tap, hold.  It may seem silly simple, but sometimes those combos are FAR more important than your powers.

Timing is Everything

Watch, listen, and learn.  All of the bosses I have encountered in game have "tells" that let you know that they are about to unleash a can of whoop ass on you. Whether they have one special move or three, you can avoid them by just paying attention and quickly figuring out how to counter act them.  Sometimes the trick will be just getting out of the way (there is no shame in hiding!) and sometimes it will be a well timed stun that helps you avoid having to deal with any special moves.  Keep the eyes open and volume turned up and you'll quickly become a master at knowing your opponent.

If All Else Fails...

You've run through the instance repeatedly and still cannot defeat the final boss, but don't let it discourage you.  This happens to the best of us and I always choose fun over frustration.  Leave the instance, go do some other missions to gain a level, then go back in.  A single level can often be the secret ingredient that makes it all go so much smoother.  I love challenge as much as the next gal, but I don't like wasting my precious gaming time so if it isn't working, I just take a step back and do something else for a while.


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