DC Universe Online - Tour of Gotham City

Welcome to DC Universe Online's version of Gotham City.
Welcome to DC Universe Online's version of Gotham City. As home to some of the most iconic heroes and villains to step off the pages of DC's comic books, this town has a heady reputation to live up to when being recreated in a game world. Fortunately, the folks at SOE seem more-than up to the task, and have managed to create a living version of Gotham that oozes style and moody ambience. Shrouded in perpetual night, this city stands in stark contrast to the shining towers of Metropolis and offers players a look at the seedy underbelly of organized crime (and unorganized crime) within this proud city under siege. Familiar faces and locales pop up around every corner. But so does danger, so keep your Bat-a-rang handy at all times!


East End

As a fledgling hero in Gotham City, you'll call the East End your base of operations. But don't imagine for a moment that it's a safe place to learn the ropes! The Scarecrow has seized the opportunity of the recent chaos to begin spreading his fear toxin throughout this district causing pandemonium in the streets. As if that weren't enough, rumors are circulating that Bane is not only back on the Venom that gives him his monstrous strength, but he's also been distributing it to the local gangs, making muscle-bound freaks out of otherwise two-bit criminals.

PoliceStation Lighthouse
Crime Alley Docks
East End Gas Clinic



This sprawling midtown district is home to Gotham's luxurious botanical gardens. Under the oppressive smog and haze of this city's sky you'd usually be surprised to see such lush vegetation thriving, but the villainous green-thumb Poison Ivy has ensured that even the wimpiest sprouts have a fighting chance. Also found in this area is the Gotham Freight Yard which remains a constant point of contention between Falcone's ruffians and the Gotham City Police Department.

Botanical Botanical
Freight Yard Freight Yard



The northernmost district of Gotham houses a number of recognizable landmarks that remind us it's ok to laugh, even in these dark times. In fact, Gotham's most notorious trickster - The Joker - calls this neighborhood his home, and gives his goons the run of the place all the way from Ace Chemicals on the east side, to Amusement Mile on the western tip. Don't be fooled into thinking this is the only hazard to watch for - also be on the lookout for Brother Eye's drones!

Ace Chems Monarch
Amusement Amusement


Robinson Park

The magical influences are strong in this district, as it is home of the exotic Forum of the Twelve Caesars - a mission hub for heroes and villains alike. Additionally, the Pillars of Hades mark the otherworldly activity of Trigon and his followers, near the overrun campus of Gotham University.

Forum of Twelve Caesars Caesars
Hades Hades
Gotham Univ Gotham Univ


Diamond District

Much of this region has already been bottled by Brainiac's assimilation ships, and remains off-limits behind his impenetrable shields. You can still swing by the R.H. Kane building however (named after Batman creator Bob Kane) and mop up some of the many small-time thugs that populate the area. But beware of Brainiac's ground troops!

Kane Domes
Enforcer Domes



What is it with magical mischief and Chinatown? Just as in Metropolis' district by the same name, mystical mayhem is running rampant across this region. Where Brainiac hasn't already left his mark, that is. Most of this district has already succumed to his digital will.

Chinatown Chinatown
Domes Cityscape


Arkham Island

This offshore retreat is home to perhaps one of the most infamous structures in all of Gotham City - the Arkham Asylum. Tread lightly, as the inmates are running amok (as usual) and they don't take kindly to interference. The minions of Mr. Freeze are only one of the hazards heroes will have to contend with.

Old Gotham

Brainiac's ships have beseiged nearly every single building in this historical district. Once the home of the original Wayne Enterprises, it now stands as nothing but a testament to Brainiac's ruthless conquering spirit. Only a handful of buildings have escaped his wrath, but you can bet he is already eyeing them greedily. As if in response to Brainiac's heavy presence in the area, this is where you'll find a teleporter directly to the Watchtower - the headquarters of Gotham and Metropolis' combined superhero might.

Cityscape Sea View
Cathedral Watchtower

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