DCUO PvP Primer - Player Killing Made Easy

So you want the glory and excitement of killing other players?  No other form of gameplay offers more challenge than taking on non-AI avatars in any game and

So you want the glory and excitement of killing other players?  No other form of gameplay offers more challenge than taking on non-AI avatars in any game and DC Universe Online gives players several way to find this PvP rush.  Find out how you can get your player killer taste of blood and brush up on the basics of DCUO PvP in this PvP Primer.

Option #1 - PvP Server

We've got good guys and we've got bad guys.  This is the perfect mix for faction on faction PvP!  DCUO will launch with open world PvP servers and when we say open world, we really mean open world.  There are no areas in the overland world in which villains and heroes cannot mix. Something that may not really matter on the PvE servers but something that matters a whole lot on the PvP server.  Your only real safety is within the safehouses, instances, and protected rally points.

Looking for more challenge? PvP is where you can find it.

While the world is basically a free-for-all of bloodshed, there are some tricks that new players can utilize to stay slightly safer while you level.  First, don't stray too far from home.  The new player areas keep good and evil players somewhat separate and while there will always be PvPers who go out searching for trouble, most players just want to level up a bit and get some skills under their belt prior to taking on other players.  Second, steer clear of the other faction's safe areas: police stations for the good guys, night clubs for the bad guys.  Obviously you are more prone to getting your butt kicked if you're standing around checking out an investigation icon outside a police station if you're a bad guy.  Third, watch the mini-map!  Green diamond-shaped icons are other players of the same faction whereas red diamond-shaped icons are players of the opposing faction.  Use these indicators to either avoid or hunt other players while you play.

Top tip:  Besides leveling quickly to avoid being the target of high level gankers, use your /shout chat to get help if you're struggling with other players getting all up in your kool-aid.  Ganking lowbies happens in pretty much every PvP game, you just have to make friends and get crafty to avoid it.

Option #2 - Arenas

For most players, a little PvP is far more appealing than dealing with open world PvP.  Thankfully, you can opt to play on a PvE server and get your bloodlust fix by checking out the arenas.  Once players hit level nine, they have mini-games available that allow them to team up with other players to take on the opposing faction.  You'll notice that missions for arenas will drop into your journal at certain levels but you can also queue up for an arena match by hitting your "Y" key.  Play games such as king of the hill (four versus four), capture the flag (five versus five), or perhaps capture and hold (eight versus eight) games.  These scenarios challenge, not only your player killing skill, but also your teamwork.

Practice makes perfect!  Try out all the games to find your favorite map and queue up for the ones that you just love or queue up for the first available to get in on the action faster.  You are well rewarded for your troubles; earn various tokens to buy super sweet items including PvP specific armor that will end up giving you a mad edge in arena battle.

Top tip: If you plan on being a arena PvP contender, get in on arenas as soon as you hit level nine.  Skill helps, but having a full set of PvP gear helps even more!  There are stats on PvP gear that you just cannot get on PvE gear and it can make all the difference when you face off against other players.

Option #3 - Legends Matches

Choose your legend for each match.

DCUO PvP is good, but combine that with the game's unique ability to play as legendary characters from DC Comics, and you have a winning combination that every player should check out.  Unlock the Batman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Robin, Bane, Huntress, or Arkham Asylum Joker and play as these iconic characters.  Once you've picked your skin, you can queue up for mini-games that take you into some very cool venues such as the Batcave and Arkham Asylum that pit two or more players against each other.  Just like in the arena matches, you can earn tokens that allow you to buy some of the best items in game to become even stronger as your chosen hero or villain.

Unlocking the legends is more of a trick.  You will get some in game as rewards to get you started and then it is a matter of earning your legends or buying them.  It does seem that it is possible to collect all of the legends that currently show available and I suspect that more will be incoming after launch through more methods such as purchase rewards and possibly available through the marketplace.

Top tip: All legends are NOT created equal.  You may enjoy playing Batman for aesthetic purposes, but you may find that you click better technically as another legend.  Gather as many of these bad boys (and girls) that you can and try them all!  Word on the street is that some are clearly more powerful than others (something that will likely be constantly changing), so you'll want to know who can do what.

Now that you know the PvP basics, be sure to jump in game on launch day, January 11th 2011, to make good use of this info by unleashing your mad skills on unassuming players.  Remember, even if you can't win, you can still have fun trying.

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