DCUO Welcomes Former Legendary Members Back

SOE is rewarding the loyalty of DCUO Legendary members with a gift and holding a “Welcome Back” event for past subscribers.

SOE is rewarding loyal subscribers to DC Universe Online (DCUO) today with a new Tom-Bot companion designed by T.O. Morrow and voiced by DCUO Creative Director Jens Andersen. The companion will aid players in combat with a special Quantum attack and health buff while serving up a witty repartee. The Tom-Bot will be granted to players that have an active subscription as of today.

In addition to that little gift, former Legendary members are being invited back to experience all of the game’s latest content for 30 free days of Legendary status. So you can head back to DCUO and try all of the newest content for free through January 15th, 2014.

Source: DCUO Welcome Back Event

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