DC Universe Online (DCUO) players browsing the Station Marketplace today will find a new handy item available that could make their lives much easier with Armories. Armories are a new consumable item that players can purchase through the Station Marketplace to save every aspect of their character, making transitioning to a new role to aid groups much easier by saving a character’s build, loadouts, and power and skill point allocations, sparing you the headache of having to redo your builds each time a change is needed.

Each character can have up to four Armories per base for a total of 16 with up to four active in the field that can be swapped to at any time while out of combat. You can also swap while in PvE with a small cooldown.

The first Armory is free for each character. Others will cost $6 per armory or available in discounted packs at the price of $20 for a 4-Pack or $32 for an 8-Pack.

Source: DCUO Armories

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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