Defiance Ark Hunter Chronicle Episode 4 Now Available

The fourth episode of Defiance’s new animated series goes live to show the traumatic life of an ark hunter.

The Defiance launch is just three weeks away and this week we have a brand new Ark Hunter Chronicle as we continue the march to the shooter’s April 2nd release. The latest episode of Trion’s animated Ark Hunter Chronicles series, All in Your Head, shows the traumatic life an ark hunter lives and how it can affect them both physically and mentally. Give it a look below.

As an added pre-order bonus, Trion has also announced that anyone that purchases the game before its April 2nd release date will also receive the new Dodge Challenger SRT8 in-game vehicle.

Your Defiance Ark Hunter Reward codes for this video are LK47XN (41s) and YW6ZQ8 (1:18)..

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