Defiance Drops a New Intel Brief on the 99ers

Trion Worlds reveals the latest threat to Defiance ark hunters with the cybernetically altered miners known as 99ers.

Someone on the Defiance dev team has finally meshed Scooby Doo’s Miner 49-er with the the Terminator and tossed in a touch of Darth Vader to make a new villain. The latest Defiance Intel video spills the beans on the cybernetically altered 99ers, a group of former human miners that have been stripped of their humanity and cybernetically altered for efficiency. The narration even quotes Obi-Wan Kenobi noting that they’re “more machine now than man.” Learn more about the Defiance 99er in the video below.

Your Defiance Ark Hunter Reward code for this video is IS3KAF (1:05).

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