First Episode of Defiance Ark Hunter Chronicles Now Available

Trion Worlds serves up a brief first episode of its new Defiance Ark Hunter Chronicles video series.

Earlier this week Trion Worlds posted a video teasing the Defiance Ark Hunter Chronicles. Without much information we left guessing as to what exactly the brief teaser eluded to. Well, the first episode is now available and as we speculated yesterday itÂ’s a new video series of sorts. The brief first episode of the Ark Hunter Chronicles clocks in at just 1m 36s and sets the stage for the new video series by telling the tale of two ark hunters in the world of Defiance. Give it a look below and stay tuned for future episodes.

There are also two Ark Hunter Reward codes in this video. The first at 22s and the second at 59s. The codes are: JJD6N5, 3Q6VZN.

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