Bungie's Destiny Details and Art Leak to the Web

The Internet springs another leak and details about Bungie’s new Destiny project seep through.

Bungie is probably cringing at the office today following a leak of details about their upcoming Destiny project. A source leaked a document to IGN yesterday, revealing elements of the story and several pieces of game art. The leaked document in question was confirmed by Bungie as an outside look from an advertising agency describing the game.

According to IGN’s source, Destiny is set 700 years in the future in the last city on Earth. Overlooking the city is a massive alien spacecraft that the people know little about except that it is their protector. Aliens also creep in from the corners of the Earth, looking to take the city. Players fill the roles of knights, defenders of the city and tasked with discovering the origin of these monsters and overcoming them.

Destiny’s gameplay is described as social as its core, offering a world to explore with friends. It’s still unclear whether or not Destiny will be an MMOG, but a past Activision lawsuit described the title as in a sci-fi shooter developed in “massively-multiplayer-style” and with “persistent world elements” and that Destiny will be released in a series of content spanning several years.

Get a look at the concept are over at IGN.

Source: IGN Destiny Leak

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