New End of Nations Screenshots Highlight Massive Warfare

Trion Worlds rolls out more screenshots of End of Nations massive warfare and combat units in action.
Petroglyph and Trion Worlds have an intriguing title on their hands with End of Nations. The MMORTS announced that it would adopt a free-to-play model earlier this year and plans to bring a truly massive experience to RTS fans. Today Trion Worlds rolled out a new batch of End of Nations screenshots that shows off some of the game's units in massive warfare action and provides a glimpse at a couple of the super weapons that players can use to unleash unholy terror on their enemies.

We had the chance to catch up on End of Nations at PAX Prime, so be sure to check out the full preview to find out whatÂ’s changed.

Trion and Petroglyph are targeting a 2012 launch, but you can sign up for the closed beta on the End of Nations website.

End_of_Nations_Armored_Warfare End_of_Nations_Bluewater End_of_Nations_Close_Up_War
End_of_Nations_Combat End_of_Nations_Firing_the_superweapon End_of_Nations_Overhead_Warfare
End_of_Nations_Street_War End_of_Nations_Superweapons End_of_Nations_warfare


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