EverQuest 14th Anniversary Celebration Starts Early

SOE was so excited about the 14th anniversary of EverQuest that the celebration festivities have started a day early.

SOE announced plans to celebrate the 14th anniversary of EverQuest last week with festivities set to begin periodically up to the anniversary weekend. But with the anniversary falling on a Saturday, SOE decided to get the party started a day early. While some of the events relating to the 14th anniversary have already been active within the game, today new content opens for all that includes five new player-designed missions from last yearÂ’s SOE Live event, ornamentation versions for epic weapons, and more.

In addition to the new anniversary content, SOE also teased a few more details about the upcoming Shadow of Fear update. The update will feature the two new zones of the Plane of Shadow and Chelsith Reborn, new raid content, new spells, and new AA abilities.

So grab your party hat and head back to Norrath to join in on the festivities along with a healthy dose of double XP.

Source: EverQuest 14th Anniversary Announcement

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