EverQuest Heart of Fear Beta Begins

The conclusion to the story that began with the House of Thule expansion heads to beta with the EverQuest: Heart of Fear update.

If youÂ’ve been following the storyline that began with EverQuestÂ’s House of Thule expansion in 2010, youÂ’ll be happy to know that that the story is nearing its epic conclusion. This week SOE launched the final update in the Fear series into beta with the Heart of Fear.

So whatÂ’s in the update you ask? Aside from being thrust into the final confrontation with Cazic ThuleÂ’s final reservoir of ultimate power loaded with massive new creatures looking to make players living impaired, there are also new class-specific weapons, new items, missions, and raids.

You can read more about the Heart of Fear update on the EverQuest website. Sign in and join the beta forums to learn more.

Source: EverQuest Heart of Fear Beta Begins

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