EverQuest Hero's Forge FAQ Posted

SOE offers up more details on what’s included in the EverQuest Hero’s Forge feature and why they chose to charge for it.

SOE has posted a new FAQ with additional information about the upcoming cosmetic feature for EverQuest known as the HeroÂ’s Forge. Included in the FAQ are more details about whatÂ’s in the HeroÂ’s Forge feature such as new cosmetic item appearances, achievements, drops and more.

Additionally, SOE explained why they chose to charge for the feature per character..

Why is there an additional charge for this feature?

Development of features for the Marketplace allows us to pursue larger projects that cost more in terms of development time and resources in addition to the release of regular expansions. Because of the very intensive nature of developing features such as Hero's Forge, by selling this feature in the Marketplace we can make it immediately available to players who desire such content much more quickly and without tying it to an expansion. Additionally, Gold members with a recurring subscriptions receive 500 SC per month, which can be used to obtain this feature for all their characters at no additional cost over time if they so choose.

Source: EverQuest HeroÂ’s Forge FAQ

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