Krono Currency Coming to EverQuest

By Stacy Jones -

If you were paying attention to news out of last yearÂ’s SOE Live event, you may have noticed that SOE announced a new currency known as Krono. If youÂ’re familiar with EVE Online, it functions in much the same way as EVEÂ’s PLEX. The currency launched for EverQuest II back in October, allowing players to purchase Krono and exchange it for 30 days of premium game time or trade/sell it to other players for in-game currency.

Krono will soon be coming to the original EverQuest and SOE has posted a lengthy Q&A to answer questions about what the currency can be used for. The short, Krono can be used for your own game time or sold or traded to other players. Krono can also be used in any game that supports it, so you can buy it in EverQuest II and use it in EverQuest.

There is one other thing important to note. For now, the Krono will be introduced on a trial basis to see how the community reacts to it, which given the backlash that sometimes ensues when real-money is positioned to interact with the game world is understandable.

Q. Is this a permanent part of the game?

A. Not yet. Initially, we will release Krono as a trial program. We will watch to see how they are embraced and used. If the trial is successful, we will continue the program and roll them out to new games.

It's unclear when exactly Krono will be coming to EverQuest as the only time given was a very vague "soon", so stay tuned and we'll update you when we have a solid date. You can check out the full Krono Q&A for more details.

Source: EverQuest Krono Announcement

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