EverQuest II Game Update 64: Qeynos Rises Launches

By Stacy Jones -
EverQuest IIÂ’s Game Update 64: Qeynos Rises is now live. The latest EverQuest II update adds the new Qeynos city revamp with new storyline and racial quests along with a few tweaks to raids and zone progression. Other update features include:
  • New revamped areas combined from 4 to 2 zones with amazing designs with Qeynos Palace overlooking the city.
  • Class Focus Effects have been consolidated and will now be available starting at level 9 and then every 9 levels in the Character Development window.
  • Massive PvP Update with new PvP stats derived from PvE stats, PvP gear that is useful in PvE combat, revised achievements, infamy, bounty, and a new token earning system.
  • Level-agnostic gameplay in Battlegrounds making it more fun, rewarding, and accessible for everyone. Players level 30 to 89 can play together as well as levels 90 to 92.
  • Earn bonus tokens to spend on new items in Battlegrounds with kill streaks, rewards for breaking streaks, capturing the flag, and more.
  • Battlegrounds tokens can be spent on new gear starting at level 10.
  • Fighters receive a new stance called "Recklessness," allowing them to do significant damage while sacrificing their ability to withstand damage.

Read the official patch notes and update feature page for more details.

Source: EverQuest II Game Update 64: Qeynos Rises Now Live

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