EverQuest II: Age of Discovery NDA Lifted

By Stacy Jones -

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has lifted the NDA gag order for EverQuest IIÂ’s latest expansion, Age of Discovery. Players are now free to go forth and talk about the latest EverQuest II expansion, share screenshots, video and tell all of the expansionÂ’s inner most secrets.

SOE did pose just a couple of other restrictions. Beta forum posts are still bound by the NDA. Additionally, the screenshot option was disabled during testing and SOE still insists that any screenshots that were taken pre-NDA by circumventing that are still bound by the NDA restriction and not to be shared.

If youÂ’re not in the mood to go forum surfing for all the details, be sure to check out our hands-on preview with EverQuest II: Age of Discovery. EverQuest II: Age of Discovery is scheduled to launch on December 6th.

Source: EverQuest II website

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