EverQuest II Announces Game Update 63: Skyshrine

EverQuest II continues the adventure through Velious by returning to Skyshrine with Game Update 63 in April.
EverQuest II will be adding another area from the original EverQuest next month with Game Update 63: Skyshrine. Aside from a sense of nostalgia about exploring the area of Skyshrine in future Norrath, the update is also loaded with new content. Update 63: Skyshrine will boost the level cap to 92 and add the overland zone of the Withered Lands that will feature new quests for solo, groups and raids, new storyline events and a lot more.

Update 63: Skyshrine will be making its way to a test server near you on March 15th with an expected live launch planned for April 17th.

Source: EverQuest II Game Update 63: Skyshrine Announcement

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