EVE Online: Inferno Q&A with CCP Soundwave - Part 1

Players had a lot of questions following the glut of EVE Online: Inferno expansion information that came out at EVE Fanfest, and Lead Designer Kristoffer Touberg made himself available for answers. In part one: ring mining, new ships and modules, drone region "gunmining", and much more!

In the wake of CCP's massive keynote presentation detailing the immediate future of EVE Online, there are still many questions. We know that there will be changes to mining, factional warfare, high-sec wars, and new modules, but the particulars remain evasive. That's why we sat down for a little chat with Kristoffer Touberg, also known as CCP Soundwave. Soundwave is lead designer for EVE Online, and perhaps the best person to answer these questions. And answer them he does!

Topics touched upon include planetary ring mining, new ships, new modules, datacore changes, NPC bounty changes, drone region "gunmining", and the new stealth bomber models. If you live in the drone regions or earn your ISK from NPC bounties, this is pretty much the interview for you!

The second half of the interview is available here.


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