EVE Dev Blog Outlines Avatar Enhancements

Avatar improvements are still coming to EVE Online. They’re just coming a little slower than originally planned.

Remember all of those ambitious plans for walking in stations and avatar gameplay that began with EVEÂ’s Incarna expansion? Turns out that the team hasnÂ’t abandoned those plans just yet, but they are coming a little slower than expected.

In a new EVE dev blog, CCP t0rfifrans laid out the road ahead for avatar gameplay in EVE Online. The team assigned to making these improvements is Team Avatar, and theyÂ’ll be tasked with making improvements to avatar-related gameplay such as the character creator and CaptainÂ’s Quarters as well as developing the future vision of avatar gameplay.

You can read about whatÂ’s in store in the latest EVE dev blog.

Source: Introducing Team Avatar – The Keymasters of Bipedal Gameplay

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