It doesn’t matter if you play EVE Online or not, unless you were living under a rock this week you’ve probably heard about the massive battle of B-R5RB. The epic conflict took place this week when a Pandemic Legion corporation missed a bill payment, causing sov to drop in a key region. That simple mistake sparked an epic conflict for the record books as CFC Alliance and Russian coalition forces took advantage of the lapse and went on the offensive. Pandemic Legion and N3 responded as thousands of pilots went to war.

The battle began of even as each side levied kills against the other, but things took a turn as the day went on and CFC and Russian forces managed to swing the tide of battle. After a 12 hour engagement, Pandemic Legion and N3 were forced to sound the retreat, a retreat that cost them even more titans and super carriers as they tried to withdraw from the area.

At the battle’s conclusion, more titans had been lost by CFC and Russian forces than in any battle previously fought in EVE's 11-year history with 16 titans destroyed. And here’s the really interesting part they won the battle and still took way less than the opposition, which lost 59 titans, bringing the total of titan casualties to an epic 75.

For those unfamiliar with EVE, titans are very expensive ships that require both a substantial investment of both time and resources. They can take thousands of hours to build and months to train before they’re ready for the field. And, until now, only 12 had ever been destroyed in any single conflict previously.

CCP offered up some statistics about the massive battle. Here’s a few of them.

  • The battle included nearly 21 hours of fighting
  • 75 titans were lost
  • 7,548 unique characters belonging to those two coalitions participated in the overall battle (i.e. landed on at least one killmail).  6,058 participated directly in the B-R5RB system with 2,670 in system at max
  • 55 unique alliances were involved along with 717 unique player coalitions
  • Roughly 11 trillion isk worth of damage was incurred, translating to between $300k-$330k USD real world currency.

Given the massive scope of the battle and the record-setting amount of titan destruction, players called on CCP to add a monument to the battle and they’re way ahead of you. On January 31st, a Titanomachy memorial will be added to the 7th planet of the B-R5RB solar system to commemorate the battle.

In case you missed it, be sure to check out this fantastic video of the epic battle of B-R5RB. You can read CCP’s full blog for an extensive rundown of the after action report.

Source: EVE Dev Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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