EVE Dev Blog Outlines Planned Ship Changes

 CCP reveals plans to better balance EVE Online’s fleet of ships in the winter update.

CCP has posted a follow-up blog to their re-balancing work on EVE OnlineÂ’s frigates, but the team isnÂ’t quite done making changes yet. The latest blog outlines plans to further change a number of other ships, including some changes to mining, a new ORE frigate and some planned changes for destroyers.

Destroyers are the next ship class on our to-do list. We acknowledge that they were already tinkered with in Crucible, but they still need some love as a whole. We want to make sure they are balanced against each other before moving on, as the Thrasher and Catalyst seem to stand out over the Coercer and Cormorant as things stand.

Find out all about the planned changes in the latest dev blog.

Source: EVE Online – Ship Balance Summer Update

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