If you enjoy multiplayer survival simulators, then Wild Terra will be right up your alley.

Play Wild Terra!

Wild Terra features combat, crafting, exploration, and plenty of survival of course!


Developers on the game are working on building a huge open-world for players to roam, build on, and claim as their own. Set in classic european medieval style, the world of Wild Terra is dangerous and full of wild dangers for players to discover.


In the world of Wild Terra, players are free to build and craft anywhere. The game will feature hundreds of different materials and crafting trees for players to create to their hearts' content. From animal taming/breeding to road-building and even terraforming and canal-building, the world is designed to give players control of their surroundings.


Players will have the opportunity to participate in combat with all kinds of different weapons and armor. PvP will feature building and terrain destruction, whether in small local battles or bigger global campaigns. There will also be indestructible buildings and no-loot features for those who prefer not to engage in multiplayer combat.


In Wild Terra, the bottom line is all about survival. Players will utilize the crafting and combat systems to help them survive this wilds and dangers of this world. True to it's medieval theme, players will need to hunt, gather, and farm to survive and thrive.

Early-Access Key Giveaway!

Juvty Worlds, the developers and publishers of Wild-Terra, have been gracious enough to give us some free Early-Access Keys to give away to our readers here at TenTonHammer! Claim yours below and head over to the game's official website to get in on the action.

Players will need to first download the game client, and then follow instructions for installation and account creation/registration (where you will then register your key).

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This giveaway is no longer active.

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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2016

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