Gamigo Pulls the Plug on Grimlands Development

Gamigo puts an end to the post-apocalyptic Grimlands title and focuses on further internationalization of Fiesta.

The post-apocalyptic Grimlands title has suffered an early apocalypse of its own this week as gamigo puts an end to the gameÂ’s development. While development of Grimlands has been ended, it may not be the only title in gamigoÂ’s library to undergo review.

“The intensified focus on publishing and distribution and reduction of high-risk development projects has been pushed further forward. With this in mind the decision has been made not to proceed with the development of the MMORPG, Grimlands. The game still requires substantial additional funds to be brought to completion. Even other games in the "development pipeline" are to be critically assessed anew according to opportunities and risks,” read a gamigo press release.

Gamigo also cancelled the Turkish language version of Last Chaos and is shifting its focus to further internationalize Fiesta Online, which the publisher acquired from Outspark in February.

“Things continue to improve for the successful fantasy MMORPG, Fiesta Online. Fiesta continues on an internationalization course shortly after the acquisition of the US license. After the planned launch of an Italian language version marketing will be expanded to Mexico (Spanish language version) and Canada (English and French language version).

The Turkish language version has been discontinued for Last Chaos. The German, Spanish, Italian, and French markets are moving evermore into focus.”

Source: Gamigo Press Release

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