The post-apocalyptic world of Grimlands suffered an apocalypse of its own back in March when gamigo pulled the plug on the game’s publishing deal as the company refocused its priorities. In an effort to fund and finish the game, developer Drago Entertainment turned to Kickstarter on April 8th in an attempt to crowdfund the title. After two weeks into the campaign Grimlands only managed to raise $35,050 of its $650,000 goal.

Today DRAGO Entertainment announced that the Kickstarter campaign has been canceled. But there is some good news for Grimland hopefuls. A number of investors have expressed interest in the title according to the final update on the game’s Kickstarter page. DRAGO Entertainment is currently in talks with those potential investors and will update the community on their progress at a later time, so if you were hoping to venture into the post-apocalyptic world of Grimlands, you may yet get your chance.

Source: Grimlands Kickstarter Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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