Guide to Using Vanguard Ten Ton

By Ralsu

Sometimes it is tough to find the
information you need on Vanguard:
Saga of Heroes
. Chances are Ten Ton Hammer has whatever you
need. This guide will help you navigate our website to find the
information you want quickly. I'll make liberal use of pictures labeled
with numbers and talk you through each section. Page 3 discusses the style="font-weight: bold;">the Center--the
Main Content

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  • Top of the Page
    • href="">Boxes
    • href="">Headlines
  • Left Menu Bar
    • href="">Site
    • href="">Game
  • Right Menu Bar
    • href="">Newsletter
    • href="">Comic
    • href="">Past
    • href="">News
    • href="">Videos
  • Center--the Main Content
    • href="">Latest
      Forum Posts
    • href="">New
    • href="">Site
  1. href="">Guides
  2. href="">Articles
  3. href="">Features

Center--the Main Content

The meat of every page on the Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer content site is
contained here in the middle, in a space roughly 650 pixels wide. The
logic behind the width restriction is that the Left Menu Bar and Right
Menu Bar can load with it and fit on the screen resolutions of most
readers without forcing them to scroll to the side to see all of the
content. People who use resolutions larger that 1024 x 768 will see
some dead space on either side of the Menu Bars.

Latest Forum Posts (#19)

This box shows the 10 most recent posts in our style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard forums. See a topic you
want to comment on? Just click on the link (forum registration

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New Content (#20)

The Vanguard Ten Ton Hammer Community Managers update this space
manually to link to the newest content produced. Popular items that
people still request 1-2 weeks later are moved over to the right column.

href=""> alt=""
style="border: 2px solid ; height: 400px;">

Site Map (#21)

This spot contains categories for all of the different types of content
we have. You will notice that it is broken down into Guides (see 21A),
Articles (see 21B), Class News, and Regular Features (see 21C).
Clicking on any of those links takes you to the appropriate spot on the
Site Map to see a list of all content for that category with links.
Interested in a list of Necromancer spells? Click on Class Guides to
move to the part of the Site Map with links to all of our Necromancer

href=""> alt=""
style="border: 2px solid ; height: 400px;">

Guides (21A)

This section of the Site Map contains all of our guides. We've got
guides to all of the classes, each of the spheres (adventuring,
crafting, and diplomacy), harvesting, and more.

href=""> alt=""
style="border: 2px solid ; height: 400px;">

Articles (21B)

This section of the Site Map contains all of our articles, which
includes editorials, interviews, and media.

href=""> alt=""
style="border: 2px solid ; height: 400px;">

Regular Features (21C)

This section of the Site Map contains our recurring features. These
include blogs, Ask the Devs, Tuesday's Tips, and Polls.

href=""> alt=""
style="border: 2px solid ; height: 400px;">


Community Managers primarily have control over the links located in the
Menu Bar and the href="">Site
Map. if you have suggestions about how we can make those easier for
you to use, click on the link below to let us know. If you have other
suggestions about general layout, post them there and we'll alert
someone who can help.

I hope this guide is useful for finding the information you need. Good
luck in Telon!

in our forums!

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016