by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

Over the mighty Eloh Bridge and through the Valverde Plateau gorge, lies something a little more subtle than Grandma's house. This works out pretty well, because you aren't exactly packing a picnic basket. Little more than a few tents hidden among the rocks, the AFS Resistance Camp is a small cluster of soldiers doing their best to interrupt Bane operations nearby and they need your help.

This is one of the last AFS controlled areas you'll visit for missions as traveling here will take you beyond numerous battles and enemy patrols. You'll find the normal compliment of vendors, medic and even a teleport here but won't be sticking around long. Here are the missions the AFS Resistance Camp provides to you:

Behind Enemy Lines - This mission begins with Communications Officer Devinchy at Wedge Rock Outpost and is last in a series of missions the preceding which is The Stainless Steel Bloodhound. Devinchy simply wants you to run out to Colonel Bosley in the AFS Resistance Camp which will introduce you to the area. Colonely Bosley is located at in the center of the camp around -622, -210. and will reward you with 4650 credits and your choice of Teleract Stealth Armor Gloves, a Hellstorm Hazmat Armor Vest, Pulsar Reflective Leg Armor, or Pulsar Motor Assist Armor Boots.

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Camp Size Doesn't Matter
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Giant Killer - This mission begins with Colonel Bosley who wants your help eliminating a threat preventing casualties from being moved. He wants you to humanely go kill a Kael officer, and bring back his head. Goliath is a named Kael who wanders around with a pair of guards so he's hard to miss. Head just east of the camp and you'll very likely run into him (we found him around 440, 240). Return to Bosley for 4950 credits and your choice of a Vextronics Cryogenic Blade, Vextronics Cryogenic Dispenser, Vextronics Virulent Injector Gun, or Vextronics Virulent Leech Gun.

Comic Relief - This mission begins with Corporal "Relay" O'Brien in the AFS Resistance Camp who in a nod to the "Radar" O'Reily of MASH fame lost a few things. First thing you'll need to do is speak to Major Lulu Lonigan about getting his comic book back. In the long standing army tradition, Lonigan will trade the comic book for a carton of cigarettes. In order to find these, he'll send you to Private "Scrounger" Scarpelo nearby which begins the Scavenger Hunt mission listed just below.

When you've completed this mission come back to Lonigan and trade him the cigarettes. You'll next head back to O'Brien and finish up this somewhat complex mission. You'll receive 4950 credits and your choice of a Vextronics EMP Torqueshell Rifle, Vitalius Electric Pistol, Vextronics Endothermic Polarity Gun, or a Vextronics Sonic Shotgun.

Scavenger Hunt - This mission begins with Private "Scounger" Scarpelo and splits off the Comic Relief mission above. Essentially you need some cigarettes for Major Longian and Scrounger is your only way to get them. What does he want in exchange? Oh nothing much, just some random battlefield junk including 5 Thrax Insignia patches and a ceremonial dagger.

The good news about this stuff is it drops off Bane randomly, the bad news is it might take a few dozen kills to get everything you need. Any of the nearby Bane patrols will work just fine but incorporating this with another missions is helpful. When you've gathered all you need head back to Scrounger who will give you the cigarettes for mark and open up the mission The Stalk Market.

The Stalk Market - This mission begins with Private "Scrounger" Scarpelo in the AFS Resistance Camp and requires the partial completion of Comic Relief. Once you've obtained the cigarettes Scrounger apparently trusts you enough for another mission. He wants you to obtain for him 6 Stalker Actuators, 4 Gyrostabilizers, and 4 Fuel cells which drop off any Stalker in the zone.

The tricky part of this mission is the drops are completely random meaning some can drop more than one per kill and frequently you may get none. This means you might have to kill a ton of Stalkers to complete your objectives. The easiest place we found Stalkers was either near the Eloh bridge on the southside or near the Quarry including just outside the nearby Control Point to the east. Return to Scrounger for 6600 credits and your choice of a Vitalius Incendiary Blade, Vextronics Incendiart Staff, Vextronics Endothermic Polarity Gun,

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016