Experience is a bit different in Age of Wushu. Wushu isn’t a normal game in the sense that there is a level to level system for becoming better. You’re pretty good for fighting others at the start – additional weapons, skills trained, etc. just make you better. That isn’t to say that a new player and an old player are on fair fighting terms, but a new player could theoretically take down a seasoned player by playing better than them.

So the traditional leveling up system is out and replaced by something called “cultivation.” It’s a kind of a unique system that still boils down to gaining levels, but everything works differently and the bonuses you receive aren't super amazing awesome like other games, but more slow and gradual increases in your power.

Gaining Experience

Logging into the game pretty much gives you experience. Experience is gained from doing anything at all, realistically, but is not given for specifically killing monsters. So walking in town – that’s experience, standing around – that’s experience, sending mail – that’s experience. It’s just a random thing that pops up while your active that letcha know that you’ve gotten smarter and more seasoned.

Age of Wushu XP

Events, missions, and quests all grant XP as a reward. If you need to farm XP then doing spying is a great way to gain it, but you can also do kidnapping or any other activity and it’ll pool into your experience. You can have up to 999 experience at any given time.

There are five different pools of experience and it’s really confusing which experience goes into which pools. I really wouldn’t worry about it. VIP players have their experience evenly fill out each of the pools. The pools determine how fast XP is turned into cultivation.

  • Pool 1: 10 Cultivation Points / 100 Seconds – Everything
  • Pool 2: 20 Cultivation Points / 100 Seconds – Everything
  • Pool 3: 50 Cultivation Points /  100 Seconds – Story Quests, School Quests, Everything
  • Pool 4: 100 Cultivation Points / 100 Seconds – Influences, Everything
  • Pool 5: 200 Cultivation Points / 100 Seconds – Forbidden instances, Everything

You’ll get between 1~3 experience just for playing the game and you have a chance to gain one experience when you die. Most other tasks grant between 1 and 5 experience and you can gain upwards to 160 experience through a Spy Mission.

Oh, the potential thing? Well 30% goes there and you can buy it back with gold or get VIP, which avoids the process. So for instance, the level 5 pool will convert at 140 cultivation points per 100 seconds instead of 200.


So when you get experience you can’t use it, you must cultivate it into cultivation points. This process is done automatically while logged in and additionally offline for VIP players. The process is simple, each XP pool cultivates at a set rate, listed above. Each pool is filled from various things; VIP players fill the exp pools evenly.

Age of Wushu Cultivation Guide

Cultivation points can then be spent for three different modes of Cultivation.

Internal Cultivation – Any time you’re online (or offline for VIP) you will slowly cultivate a skill and increase its effectiveness.

Practice Martial Arts – You can spend money to spend Cultivation Points on a skill (specifically Silver). There is a random limit to the amount you can do each day.

Team Practice – The fastest way, you go to a sacred site and meet up with up to 10 other players to perform moves to cultivate your skill. You play a minigame where players take turns playing a mini-DDR game. You can continue until fatigued.

You can increase the rate for Internal Cultivation or Cultivation in general by:

  • Doing the School Patrol (15%) / Guild Patrol (30%) offline activity.
  • The Divination Skill
  • EXP Medicine (Jack Dew is 25% and goes up to 250% for Green Pill)
  • PvP Duels
  • Sacred Sites give a boost in cultivation.

The best skills to cultivate are your school skills, because that gives you additional stat points and “levels” you up, but don’t neglect leveling up your other skills either!

That’s pretty much the Age of Wushu XP / Cultivation skills. What do you think about the different system? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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