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your adventures growing up from the lowly islands of Ishalgen
and plowing through the quests of Altgard
in a counter clockwise route, you'll collect many items.  But
if you're a veteran of any MMO,
you're saying to yourself by now, 'Where's the boss?  Where
are the
instances?  Where is my incentive to group?' 
Fortunately that is
answered with the Black Claw outpost and village to the east, and the
man in charge is the your first real option at farming some high
quality loot.  For most people, this
your first time donning something blue, and possibly your first real
challenge or death.  With that in mind, here's how you tackle Cheiftain
head honcho of the Black Claw!

The Location

In the busy times of launch
and beyond, you might miss him entirely if you don't
know where to look.  The last quest will take you to the Abyss
Gate within Zemurru's
Grave.  Kumbaron
will spawn directly across from the gate, within the three pillars at
the back-middle of the room (from the entrance.  There are two
that spawn in front of two of the pillars for reference.

The Party
As for what or who you need
to bring?  I would say the only two
requirements for this boss are a Templar/Gladiator tank and a Cleric
healer, preferably at least 22 for the group heal.  The area
of effect
damage will be too much for a Chanter unless the whole group is in the
low 20's for level.  The former is rather obvious, but you do
someone to handle the fast physical damage that will be happening
between skills and hold hate in general.  The longer this
fight goes,
the worse things will get and you'll run the possible risk of respawns
getting involved, so a solid hate generating tank is required so the
damage classes can run wild.

The Battlefield
You'll need to clear out the
two Captains first.  They're nothing
special, just a little more pumped up versions of the Bodyguards you've
been fighting in this whole section.  If you pull Kumbaron
before clearing these two, well, you're going to have a lot more on
your hands than you can probably handle without some serious crowd
control and perfect execution.  We tend to clear a path to the
closer to the gate.  There are a pair of Black Claw patrolling
in front
of the gate as well, take care of them.  With the Captains
down, and
the patrol by the gate down, it's time to rumble.

The Pull
Upon spawning, do
not immediately tag him!
Verify nothing
is coming with him first unless you've got a horde of others looking
for his head next to you.  Pull with Provoke and try to drag
him to the
northwest corner of the room, next to the Abyss Gate.  This
ensure no interference throughout the fight given no respawns
Crowd controllers should remain aware throughout the fight for any
possible interlopers.

The Brawl
is the chieftain for a reason, his physical offense is quite
potent.  A typical templar
will take between 300 and 400 from each swing, so heals need to be
incoming at all times in case of criticals
or special attacks causing burst damage.  The chief special
attack to
watch out for is a fire-based wide area of effect for about
700.  This
can obliterate any cloth classes that aren't topped off, so keep your
health up at all times.  If things go to hell, the Cleric
needs to get
behind the portal and eat a death while someone channels a resurrection
stone on him.  Everyone should try to rally near him to allow
for a
prompt and safe recovery.

The Farming
spawn time is about an hour.  With the recent launch however,
channels exist for us to take advantage of.   The
ideal way to get the
most of it is after a kill, or after getting to the gate with no spawn
up, each person of the party goes to a different channel while standing
behind the Abyss Gate.  From there, you can shift to the left
and pivot
the camera to see if he is up, or hit tab multiple times to try to
target him.  Watch the patrol however, it'll likely be up and
anyone solo alive.  Once someone notices a spawn, everyone
shifts to
the same channel and kills the patrols, captains, and then the
Chieftain falls once more.

The Conclusion
This will be hotly contested
for some time and isn't required at
all, but dropping the lord of the Black Claw will net you a level 20
blue from a fairly large pool of items.  Multiple kills will
necessary to get the particular item you might be after, but if you
have a varied group and no competition, you can load up on nice
equipment in a hurry.  Considering how much of a power boost
you get
from blue quality items compared to the white you are likely wearing,
this is more than worth your while until you get to the mid
20's.  So
grab some friends, and good luck grabbing some gear!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016