Whether you are determined to keep up with your gathering skills from the
very beginning, or one of the many players who have found that gathering is
essential to character progression further into your career, at some point you
will need to know where and what to gather.  This is where I come in! 
I took my awesome Elyos Assassin out and ran all over Poeta, Veteron, Eltnen,
and Theobomos hunting down the collection nodes for the first batch of skill
levels.  These are the nodes you'll need to gather from in order to raise
your skill levels, and the materials you will need if you decide to take on a
crafting profession.  Also keep in mind that a lot of these materials can
be sold for a tidy sum of kinah on the broker so whatever you can't use, you can
always sell!

Once you hit skill level 99 in either vitality collection or aether
gathering, you'll need to speak with the master of that gathering skill in order
to progress to skill level 100.  These "trainers" can be found in

in Artisans Hall and they do charge kinah.  I paid just over
17,000 to progress my skill.  Ouch!


Material Collecting

Skill Level

Collection Node
1 Aria Throughout Poeta and in Tolbas Forest in Verteron
1 Inina Beach around Verteron Fortress
5 Cypri In the waters around Verteron Fortress and Tolbas Village
10 Mela Poeta's Daminu Forest and Verteron's Tolbas Forest
15 Iron In Poeta Strip Mine and throughout Verteron
20 Kukuru Belbua's Farm
25 Ruko Throughout Verteron
30 Betua Log Throughout Verteron
35 Silver Dukakai mine and settlement
40 Rose Quartz Zumion Canyon
45 Targena Zumion Canyon
50 Rubus Grove Near Tolbas Village and near Pilgrims Respite
55 Liguri Zumion Canyon
60 Crystal Contaminated Swamp
65 Modida In the waters in Contaminated Swamp and Miraju's Holy Ground
75 Dado Verteron's Pilgrims Respite and Theobomos Crimson Barrens
80 Amythest Miraju's Holy Ground
85 Venera Verteron's Cantas Coast (Observatory)
90 Caprauna Cantas Coast, around Eltnen Fortress, and near Excavation Camp in
95 Afari In the water in Cantas Coast, and near Eltnen Fortress

Aether Extracting

1 Small Vortex Sky above Verteron Fortress
25 Small Vortex Sky above Miraju's Holy Ground
75 Small Vortex Sky above Eltnen Fortress

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016