Armor is really the biggest investment you make for your
character.  We upgrade regularly, spend countless amounts of kinah to buy the
best we can afford, and spend countless hours to get the best drops.  Making
these investments more worthwhile for longer is what enchantments can do and if
you haven’t tried using them yet then you are not getting the most you can out
of your gear.

Below you will learn all about enchantment stones, what
they do, why you need them, and how to use them. Hopefully by the time you are
done reading, you’ll be ready to make your gear better and battle ready!

What are Enchantment Stones?

In a nutshell, enchantment stones are player created
enhancements that you can buy from other players or create yourself then add to
your armor pieces.   Once successfully added to your gear you will enjoy an
increase in stats that can be very valuable in both PvE and PvP gameplay.  Often
referred to as “leveling your gear”, you can use up to 10 enchantment stones per
armor piece making them a great way to boost your base stats.

How Does Enchanting Work?

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Step by step, enchantments aren't that complicated.

Each piece of your armor and weapons start out at basically
level 0.  Your gear will never degrade beyond its original level 0 stats.  Each
enchantment stone you add will give you an additional level indicated by a (+1)
next to the name of your item.  You can add up to (+10) on each piece of gear
eventually adding a large amount of extra stats that can be very valuable.

You will obtain enchantment stones, add them to your weapon
and armor pieces, and then see the resulting stat benefits. It sounds easy
enough but it can get a little complicated.

How do I get started?

First you’ll need extraction tools.  You can find these
from general merchants in the cities and they go for around 1000 kinah each. 
They can only be used once so if you intend to do all of your gear you’ll need a
stack of them.

Now you need gear to disenchant.  If you’re planning ahead,
you can save green armor drops which are by far the cheapest way to obtain
enchantment stones.  If you aren’t thinking ahead then you need to either pick
up good deals off of the broker or just buy the enchantment stones.  You’ll need
gear the same level as the gear you intend to enchant or higher and preferably
of green quality or better.

To use the extraction tool, right click on it then click on
the gear you wish to disenchant.  This destroys the item so don’t use anything
you didn’t want to lose.  Once the process is complete you’ll have anywhere from
1 to 3 enchantment stones to use.  The stones will either be blue, white, or
gold and what quality you receive seems to be random though whites or equal
level to the piece of armor you extracted from are the most common.  I extracted
from 6 pieces of armor and weapons of green and white quality and all level 12
and got back 4 white level 12s, and 3 gold level 21s. Not a bad return!

I Have my Enchantment Stones, Now What?

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Enjoy better gear immediately

Now comes the fun part…failure!   If you intend to do all
of your gear, the first order of business is to get everything to +1. The
cheapest and easiest way to do this is to add enchantment stones that are about
5 levels higher than the gear you are enchanting if you are working with typical
green armor. Blue armor would need stones 10+ levels higher and orange gear
would need at least 15+ levels higher. Anything lower will just add to your
chance of failure and even at this point you can expect to fail part of the

Higher level enchantments have a lower chance of failing,
but you will still fail sometimes.  This is why as you add multiple levels of
enchantment to your gear you’ll really want to invest in higher level
enchantment stones to avoid de-leveling your gear back to 0.

In doing my own gear, I had about a 50% success using
enchantments about the same level as the gear I was enchanting so I’d really
recommend not wasting kinah on higher level enchantments until you’ve achieved a
level or two on each of your pieces. You cannot use enchantment stones a lower
level than your gear; I tried several times and all failed. My best results were
in using enchantment stones 10+ levels higher than my gear; I failed in about 1
of 3 attempts in this case.

Actually applying the enchantment stones is just a matter
of right clicking on the stone then clicking on the gear you wish to enchant.

What will the Enchantments do for my Gear?

  • Daggers and swords get +2 Attack per level.
  • Greatsword, Polearm, and Bows get +4 Attack per level.
  • Mace, Orb, Spellbook, and Staff get +3 Attack and +10 Magic
    Boost per level.
  • Armor gives a +Defense that depends on what type of armor
    you are enchanting and what slot it fills.
  • Shields get a +2 to Damage Reduction per level.

These kinds of stats are certainly nothing to sneeze at and
while I don’t recommend enchanting at lower levels unless you’re playing a twink
with cash to burn, it is something that is essential at higher levels as part of
your typical armor upgrade routine.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016