If you
are reading this article, then you probably fall into
one of four categories:

style="text-indent: 0.5in;"> style="">The
player interested in playing the best
class in the game (Spiritmaster),

style="text-indent: 0.5in;">The player interested in
beating a
Spiritmaster in PvP,

style="text-indent: 0.5in;">The Spiritmaster checking
in to see
if you are doing the DPS thing right, or

style="text-indent: 0.5in;">The theorycrafter who
can’t wait to
poke holes in the article.

camp you fall into is fine by me, even those in
the last category. I consider myself a lifelong learner and I enjoy
hearing of
new ways to crush our opponents. Regardless of why you are here, I hope
enjoy the following blend of math and artistry as you learn a little
more about
the Spiritmaster.

style="">Never do your own
dirty work.

Spiritmaster is a pet class which means that we are
really more of a nobleman ordering around the help than a
worker like say a silly Gladiator. As such, the key to keeping your
hands clean
is letting your pet keep the guests entertained while you stand at a
(looking down your nose at the prey). This is a delicate dance between
the pet alive, killing the enemy and saving some mana in case of an Add
(or to
avoid downtime). The rotation of choice involves heavy use of pet
skills and
summoning Energy Spirits as well as using Replenish Element to keep
them in the

class="MsoNormal"> style="width: 250px; height: 274px;" alt="Aion Fire Pet"

style="">Stop, Drop and Roll

basic rotation is centered on our pet maintaining aggro,
conserving mana and being ready for the next fight. With this in mind,
typical mono y mono fight goes like this:

the Pet

the pet cast Thunderclaw for some extra damage.

Fire Energy to enjoy the light show as the glowing
balls of DPS do their work.

Spirit Threat to drive the pet’s aggro up a little
higher, and then hit them in the chips.

Ice Chain and the chain spell Frozen Shock.

Erosion – Always good to have an extra DOT on the enemy for some ticking damage.

– Cast Chain of Earth – this does two things: causes some minor
damage, and more importantly slows the enemy if it decides to come
after you.
If it is slow, the pet can keep beating on it while it crawls its way
to you. It does take a good amount of mana to cast this one so sometimes I'll opt to save the mana and manage the aggro more closely.

If I
am not backing up due to pulling Aggro, I cast Flame
Bolt and the chain spell Blaze for some extra damage.

this point in the sequence it’s time to check in on how
we’re doing. If the mob is on its way to turning into a
glowing loot ball, then
we finish it off. If however we find our pet element is hurting (at or
half health is a good barometer) then I top it off with Replenish
Element. It’s
also a good time to check your own stats. Casting Absorb Energy every
time it
is available is a good habit to be in, so be sure to tap that one any
time you

style="text-align: center;" align="center"> style="">

style="width: 357px; height: 477px;"
alt="Aion_SM_Rotation.jpg" v:shapes="Picture_x0020_0">

style="">OH NOES, it’s coming
right for me!

As a
Spiritmaster we have a couple of decent evasion
techniques. If my
pet dies I Root the enemy and gauge if I have time to conjure another
or I just nuke the bad guy until he gives me loot. If I
haven’t lost the pet,
then I cast Stoneform (Root will break from pet damage) just go toe to
toe with
the foe and hope for the best. If all else fails, keep Spirit Threat
and run for the hills! Your next pet won’t even know about
how you treated the
last one. Trust me.

style="">Hey, you weren’t
invited to the party.

remember that Root is your friend. When attacking
multiple mobs or having that odd pathing enemy cross your route, one
Root will take them out of commission long enough to get a handle on
the first
enemy. Even if the first mob isn’t dead, you can have your
pet start attacking
the other mob to start building aggro. Pets won’t last long
doing that so be
sure you can handle either one or both of the enemies if you
can’t keep your
pet healed.

style="">Many ingredients to
this recipe.

are literally thousands of variables that can go into
a fight (how many enemies are you fighting and of what level). There is
no hard
and fast rule you should get locked into, this is just one version of a
Use this as a starting point and experiment with your own timing and
sequencing. There are definitely higher damage rotations available, but
I find
that resting, using potions or bandaging doesn’t fit my goal
of zero downtime.
I try and keep my mana topped off and my pet healthy, everything else
can be
fixed in an emergency with potions or treatments. Using this formula
you can
cruise through the first 25 levels and be ready to tackle the Abyss. Of
the Abyss rotations are a completely different topic for next time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016