Alia Das Missions

Alia Das is a Forean village in the northeast portion of the Concordia Wilderness. From the tutorial you'll be dropped in the midst of the AFS camp next door bustling will military activity. Missions, trainers, vendors, and crafting are all conveniently located pretty much right in front of you. Missions specifically from the Foreans require a brief run into the village, but directions are fairly clear (use your map) and it's well worth the trip.

  • Bypassing Bootcamp - If you've managed to Bypass Bootcamp the first stop you'll want to make is with Commander Rogers in a tent at 869, 384. Completing this mission will provide two very important things: the ability to do more missions and a weapon. This should open up the Too Close for Comfort mission.
  • Moving up to the Big Leagues - This begins with Major Bonham at 884, 353. Bonham will order you to report to Commander Rogers who is in a tent at 869, 384 ASAP. That means MOVE soldier!
    • Too Close for Comfort - After talking with Rogers, he'll explain what the AFS is trying to do by improving relations with the Foreans. He'll ask you to report to Elder Moawi who can be found at 810.1, 500.1. He'll ask you to escort a Forean Ranger (who honestly should probably know his own way around) to Elder Solis's hut to the north. Find Elder Solis around 783, 579.3 where you'll also see a convienient bane dropship beam down a squad. After taking them out speak with Solis who will reward you with 600 credits and your choice of a Level 10 Power Mod or Regen Mod for Armor.
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      A Mixture of AFS and Forean

    • Receptive Reception - Elder Solis wants you to find the Logos shrine. Head inside the cave to the northeast and locate the Logos. After interacting with it, head into the village and find Warrior Aprika at 814.7, 495.6 who will reward you with some experience and another quest. Your reward will be 600 credits and your choice of Dynamo Motor Assist Armor Gloves or Prodigy Reflective Armor Boots.
    • Forming Alliances - Your efforts to get in with the Foreans is starting to pay off. Warrior Aprika asks you to do what any hardened warrior would do. Rip out the hearts of your enemies of course! Bring Aprika 12 Thrax hearts which randomly drop off any Thrax. You can find some easily by following the road west out of the village and taking a right at the T intersection. Return to Aprika for 600 credits and your choice of a Vextronics Pistol or Vitalius Laser Rifle.
    • Conscientious Objector - Warrior Aprika is ready to give you your final mission and you'll be drawn into the first of your Ethical Parables, meaning there are two ways to complete this mission. Aprika wants you to arrest a troublesome Forean and bring him back. Head out of town towards the southeast around 777.4, 115.3 where you'll find Elder Quillas on a platform . He states that the Forean you are looking for hasn't done anything worth the punishment he's in for. So you have your choice, be a hardcase and demand he goes with you and lead him back to or decide to let him go meaning you escort him to the divide entrance to the east at 905.9, 272.7, 70.7. Leading him back pleases Aprika but pisses off your CO, not bringing him back pisses off Aprika but not your CO. Life is good in the AFS.

      Although there are two parts, the second part is basically returning to Outpost Commander Rogers at 855.6, 294.1, 389.0 for 400 credits and your choice of Class 1 EMP bombs or Class 1 Armor Charger. Rogers will reward you with either Astra Hazmat Gloves or Olympia Reflective Gloves.
    • Miner Difficulties - Commander Rogers asks you to deliver some supplies to the miners in Pinhole caverns around 307, 436. You will be rewarded with your choice of Prodigy Motor Assist Legs v6 or Prodigy Motor Assist Armor Boots. This quest may require you to complete a number of other Alia Das quests. Your reward is 500 Credits and a choice of a Class 1 Advance MedPak or Class 1 Armor Charger.
    • River Recon - Commander Rogers is concerned about a missing recon patrol and wants you to go out and find out. You'll head up to the top of Pinhole Falls around 306.0, 438.4 and find out you are a little too late. A dying Forean will update your mission. Turn in your quest in Lower Eloh to Field Sgt. Weatherspoon at 501.1, 213.3 and get 1000 credits and your choice of a Weapon Mod adding Armor Regen or Health Regen. This quest may require level 5.

  • Logos: Enhance - Receptive Liaison Langerman at 870.1, 294.2, 385.5 is here to assist you in finding your Logos. The first you are to go after is the Enhance Logos. It'll be quick to do this in conjunction with Receptive Reception. The entrance to the cave is around 800.7, 280.8, 611.7. Make your way through the cave until you find the Logos shrine entrance. Once it's retrieved head back for some experience and credits. When you return missions for Logos Area, Projectile, Damage, Time, and Power will be available.
  • Boargar Acquisition - What would a SciFi game be without missions to take scientific "samples" of stuff? Dr. Munson who is located at 767.2, 506.9 first wants you to grab some Boargar parts. You can find these pig like creatures all over the zone but many can be easily found just outside of the village or halfway between Alia Das and Pinhole Falls. Once you've found 8 Boargar cells return to Munson for 900 credits and your choice of a Vitalius Leechgun or AccuMax Pulse Chaingun
    • Treelurker Samples - Time to grab some bits of Treelurker. Any Treelurker will do and they can pretty much be found around clumps of...well trees. The most common place people go to find them is right outside the village (you'll see a bunker). Once you've found 5 Treelurker DNA return to Munson for 1050 more credits and a choice between an weapons mod to Physical Resist or Emp Debuff.
    • Mighty Miasma - At this point Dr. Munson will send you to the Pinhole Falls cavern around 363.8, 619.6 and find 6 miasma goo. These can be picked up by killing Miasmas which float all over the caverns. Return back to Munson for 1050 credits and your choice of ChiTech Hazmat Armor Gloves or ChiTech Motor Assist Armor Gloves.
    • Training Day - This mission will start as a radio mission and simply requires you head to a class trainer in the AFS area of Alia Das. You'll be rewarded with 180 Credits and your choice of a Vextronics Pistol or Vextronics Pulse Pistol.


  • Supplies on the Double - Dr. Elise Corman inside the medical tent at 788.7, 369.9 needs medical supplies and now. She'll send you to a fairly dangerous area in Lower Eloh to grab them around 408.3, 115.8. This mission IS on a timer so make sure your teleporter points are have been visited and you'll do just fine. You'll get 750 credits and your choice of a Prodigy Radial Repair Tool or Dynamo Cipher tool.
  • Lurking in the Shadows - Quartermaster Caufield at 760.5, 294.0, 407.5 wants to find out what is delaying his arms shipments. He sends you first to speak with Arms Supply Oliver outside of Alia Das. You can find Oliver at 535.5, 289.2, 516.5. The ammo supply is simple you just have to take it back from a named Lightbender called Proctor Fulgor. Take a friend if you are under level 5 at this point. Northwest of Pinhole Caverns you'll find a Bane bunker around 222.6, 262.0, 600.9. He'll have a number of friends that help but once you've killed him return to Caufield. You'll be rewarded with 1000 credits and your choice of a Dynamo Reflective Armor Helmet or Vitalius Motor Assist Armor Legs.
  • A Father's Goodbye - Lt. Saviors at 787.0, 294.3, 370.1 has a dying request which you of course can't refuse. He wants you to carry his dogtags to his son who is out on patrol. Of course he isn't close so you are going to have to travel beyond the Lower Eloh area to the southeast. You can find his Specialist Saviors around 158.4, 210.5 and expect at least one Bane Patrol. Your reward will be a choice of a ChiTech Laser gun or a pair of Pulsar Motor Assist Armor Boots.


  • Receptive Liaison Langerman/Logos Mentor Ensine - All the Logos in the Wilderness are marked on the map by either Receptive Liaison Langerman in Alia Das (870.1, 294.2, 385.5) or Receptive Liason Standley in Twin Pillars (-110.1, 220.3, -495.5)
Symbol Name Area of Wilderness
Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Area Imperial Valley -432.2, -595.2 Langerman
Attack Monarch Grove 10.1, 168.5, 335.2  
Damage Pinhole Falls area 350.8, 416.4 Langerman
Enemy Pinhole Falls cavern 365.7, 212.0, 616.8 Standley
Enhance Alia Das Cavern 833.9, 285.2, 656.6  
Here Daghda's Urn (Requires Power and Mind to Enter) -974.0, 284.0, 744.2 Standley
Mind Memory Tree -108.0, 217.6, 111.1  
Power Benefactor Ridge 497.0, 287.3, 324.0 Langerman
Projectile Memory Tree (area east of ~) 189.3, 172.9, 256.9 Langerman
Self Lake Corman (peninsula) -450.3, -97.3 Standley
Target Enigma Falls cavern -908.6, 188.0, -646.8 Standley
Time Lower Eloh Creek 791.9, 309.2, 73.9 Langerman



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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016