In most MMOG's it's very easy to tell how experienced a player is simply by looking at them. As they level they get better looking gear, and you can usually tell exactly what level they are compared to you. APB is a different animal all together. While there are levels, or Ranks in the game, a new player that is skilled in first person shooters can quickly look like and compete with many veteran players. So we here at Ten Ton Hammer thought we would give you 10 tips and tricks to help you separate yourself for the teaming masses on noobs, and get your criminal or enforcer career off on the right foot.

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Im going to kill that fool.

1. Spend time in the social district! You will want to spend some time customizing your clothes and vehicles. The easiest way to confirm you are a noob to the world is to run around in starter clothes.

2. Use your radar and learn to stay off of enemies radar. You will show up on your enemies radar if you drive, shoot or sprint. Learn to take your time and give yourself the best odds of finding your enemy before they find you.

3. Shoot from vehicles. Whenever you are grouped up with someone and they are driving, you can lean out the window with your gun and shoot. Just sitting there will annoy your team mate and show you don't know what you are doing. It's not a pleasure ride, be ready to fire as soon as you spot an enemy.

4. Don't stand on objectives. On many missions you are tasked with taking and holding certain locations. As soon as you take the objective move away from it and hide. Ideally you want line of sight to it so you can shoot your enemy as they try to claim it. You will never win by standing on the objective.

5. Use the right weapon for the right district. One district is more open and great for long range riffles while the other is much more confined, which is great for shotguns and short range weapons. Often times people want to use whatever the newest weapon is that they unlocked. Don't be that guy, use the proper weapon for the mission you are on.

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Cops never looked that cool.

6. Always check the market center for new gear. Many items that you might not have unlocked yet can be purchased from other players in the market center.

7. To unlock more clothing options and max out your fashionista, all you have to do is sit in the Fashion Designer. So if you are going to grab something to eat, or take a break, leave yourself logged in and just like that your level rises.

8. Watch your Threat Level. Your Threat Level will rise and fall depending on how well you are doing on missions. The higher your rating is the tougher the opponents will be that you are matched up against. The system doesn't look at Rank, so a new player who is kicking ass and taking names can quickly find himself up against several veteran players.

9. Mod your weapons. As you unlock new items you can gain access to many items that will make your weapons better. Many times this can make an average weapon far superior to a higher level weapon that isn't modded.

10. Turn the sound up! APB uses directional sounds in game. If someone is shooting, talking or running near you, you can get a very good feel for where they are simply by listening. The sounds are really well done and with the volume turned up I have often times overheard my enemies talking behind a wall alerting me to where they were.

Well there you go, 10 tips to get you underway in APB. If you follow these suggestions... well you will probably still be called a noob, but far less often than you would without them. Good luck out there!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016