In most MMOG's it's very easy to tell how experienced a player is simply by looking at them. As they level they get better looking gear, and you can usually tell exactly what level they are compared to you. APB is a different animal all together. While there are levels, or Ranks in the game, a new player that is skilled in first person shooters can quickly look like and compete with many veteran players. So we here at Ten Ton Hammer thought we would give you 10 tips and tricks to help you separate yourself for the teaming masses on noobs, and get your criminal or enforcer career off on the right foot.

4. Don't stand on objectives. On many missions you are tasked with taking and holding certain locations. As soon as you take the objective move away from it and hide. Ideally you want line of sight to it so you can shoot your enemy as they try to claim it. You will never win by standing on the objective.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016