This mission series is part of the new player tutorial process for the Amarr
race.  It works specifically to assist the young industrialist in their
journey to learn how to salvage, gather materials and create through manufacturing. 
These 10 quests will net you some valuable resources, ships, and knowledge and
should be something every aspiring EVE Online salvager goes through!

The series is a set of
10 missions.  I did these fairly quickly in just a few hours of gameplay.  Just remember not to
accept a mission until you are prepared to complete it.  Putting a mission
off often loses you bonus rewards which can be sometimes even more impressive
than the original reward.

This guide will walk you through each mission, step by step, and offer tips for
the new player.  If you have any questions regarding these missions that
aren't answered here then please

visit our forums
to ask!


Balancing the Books: Mission 1 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Transport a data sheet to a nearby system.

REWARD: 28000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 33000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This is a simple courier mission. Remember to take the
item from your items window and drop it into your cargohold before setting your
destination and making the drop.  You need to speak with your agent at the
drop location in order to complete the mission.

Balancing the Books: Mission 2 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Go out there, find whatever remains of the ship and use the
salvaging module I gave you to retrieve the black box. Of course, if you find
any Blood Raider pirates hanging around ... kill them.

REWARD: New frigate ship

BONUS REWARD: 100000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Fit the salvaging module to your ship then head out to
the destination that will be located in the same system. Warp to the deadspace
location to find an acceleration gate. Activate the gate to go to the location
where you will encounter a pirate ship. Kill the pirate then located the
transport wreckage nearby. Lock the target onto the wreckage and move to the
optimal distance for your salvager module then activate the salvager. Once you
have successfully accessed the wreckage you'll be able to open it's cargohold
and loot the black box that you need to complete the mission.

Balancing the Books: Mission 3 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Mine the ore and, from it, refine 333 units of tritanium for
your agent.

REWARD: Salvaging skill

BONUS REWARD: 67000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: You'll be learning to mine from this mission which is
helpful for making ISK. Warp to the deadspace location and find the nearest
veldspar asteroid to mine. While you're mining, a pirate will fly in to cause
you some distraction. Kill the pirate then get the rest of your mining done
before warping back to the station to refine. To refine your veldspar into the
tritanium, move the veldspar into your items window and then right click and
select "refine".

Balancing the Books: Mission 4 of 10

OBJECTIVE: The Blood Raiders have put up a listening post nearby, where
they intercept shipping information and use it to attack our vessels. I want you
to go there to destroy the post and any Blood Raider ships you see. I also want
you to use your codebreaker and hack open the Data Storage Device for me to
retrieve the data sheets.

REWARD: Hacking skill

BONUS REWARD: 40000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Using your super spy skills, you'll be code breaking to
gather a data chip of info. Warp to the location and activate the acceleration
gate. At the location you'll find a pirate that you need to destroy and the data
storage device you need to hack. Once you have successfully hacked the device
(by targeting and using your codebreaker) you can loot the data chip from the
storage and return it to your station.

Balancing the Books: Mission 5 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Deliver the data chip to the location.

REWARD: Expanded Cargohold

BONUS REWARD: 35000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This is a long trip across several systems to drop off
the data chip. If you are jumping through safe systems, set your destination,
turn on the auto-pilot, and go make yourself a sandwich!

Balancing the Books: Mission 6 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Obtain a Tracking Computer I.

REWARD: Miner 1

BONUS REWARD: 33000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: You need to buy, trade, or otherwise obtain a Tracking
Computer. I bought mine and the tutorial will run you through how to use the
market to find and purchase the item. Chances are there will be some at your
current station, but if there is not, you can always travel to another station
to get one. Once you are finished obtaining the item you can complete the

Balancing the Books: Mission 7 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Our Empire scouts have found an ancient site that at first
glance appears it might be of use to us. I want you to go there with your
analyzing equipment and find out what it holds. There'll be Blood Raider ships
there but im sure you should have no problems dealing with them. Whatever you
find after your analysis, bring it back to me.

REWARD: Afterburner I

BONUS REWARD: 51000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Warp to location, use the acceleration gate to jump to
the next area. Here there will be a couple of pirates you need to take out. If
you haven't yet upgraded your newbie weapons, it's likely a good idea that you
do before this mission. Once you've taken out the first set of pirates, activate
the ancient acceleration gate to jump to the mission location. Here you will
find 2 more pirates and a ancient ship structure which is the piece you need to
analyze. Lock your target and activate your analyzer at the appropriate
distance. After you've managed to unlock what you need, loot a data core from
the ancient ship and return it to your station.

Balancing the Books: Mission 8 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Deliver the previously obtained central data core.

REWARD: Limited Social Adaptation Chip

BONUS REWARD: 15000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Move the data core from your items window and place it
into your cargohold, set your destination, and then travel to the stated
location. This is just a simple courier mission.

Balancing the Books: Mission 9 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Obtain and deliver 2 Afterburner I to your mission agent.

REWARD: Production Efficiency skill

BONUS REWARD: 14000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: You need to get a hold of 2 Afterburner I items. Now I
happened to have had a couple on hand that I looted from pirates, but you can
either buy them or hunt pirates until a couple drop. Once you've gotten the
goods, deliver them to your mission agent.

Balancing the Books: Mission 10 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Create 50 units of Infrared S.

REWARD: Industrial ship

BONUS REWARD: 172000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: You need to create 50 units of the Infrared S crystals
but you'll need to get organized before you can start. First, you need level 1
Industry so if you haven't already trained in this, find the skill on the
marketplace and train it. Then you'll need materials: mexallon, isogen, and
tritanium. Your best hope of gathering all of these things is by obtaining
kernite, either through purchase, trade, or your own mining then you'll need to
refine it into your needed materials.

Once you have all your ducks in a row you can right click on your blueprint and
select "manufacture". Pick your assembly line, preferably one available now or
soon, then get your items created. It will take a bit but all you need to do now
is sit back and wait for completion.

Congrats! By the time you're done with this series you've acquired skills,
credits, ships, ship gear, and a much better understanding
of how to play EVE Online!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016