This guide follows in the footsteps of our remarkably popular battlecruiser care package guide. In this guide we explain how EVE industrialists can make care packages for the four new battlecruiser ships introduced in EVE Online's Crucible expansion. Read on, future EVE billionaire!

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A big part of the EVE Online economy is the transportation of commodities. There is no way to instantly teleport something from one place to another, and one's equipment stash is frequently the determinant factor in PvP. To further complicate things, there is no safe way to move goods through insecure areas of space: ships hold finite amounts of goods, and the largest types are extremely vulnerable when traveling. Many an EVE Online player has rage quit over losing a fully-stocked freighter.

Now that blueprint copies of the new battlecruisers are becoming available, we can start thinking about ways to make building them in deep space more palatable.

EVE Industry: Mineral Compression

What then is the best way to supply a market in deep null-sec or hazardous low-sec? I'm so glad you asked! Raw minerals take up quite a bit of space and are not usually plentiful at destination solar systems. Even if there is a local mineral supply, it is usually irregular and involves quite a bit of competition. Things get especially bad with regards to the amount of minerals needed to build ships or whole fleet of ships. You and your friends need to build replacement ships somehow, but how?

One way to minimize the hassle of transportation is to make what we here at Ten Ton Hammer call "care packages." Care packages are giant secure containers full of carefully chosen modules that, when refined back into raw minerals, produce sufficient minerals to build a ship hull. The compression rate of using care packages is usually 20:1 or better. That is, the modules used occupy only 1/20th of the space that the raw minerals would, and much, much less than space that the humongous finished ship hulls would occupy. Whether your means of transport is a humble Badger industrial or cyno-jumping Rhea jump freighter, you are better off moving minerals that have been compressed.

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EVE Industry: What You Need To Compress Minerals

Making a care package requires either paying a bit too much for your minerals by purchasing them from the market, or an industry-specialized character that can build the items needed without any waste. That means you need to train the Production Efficiency skill all the way to level five. You will probably also want to be able to run a goodly number of production jobs at once, which will entail training Mass Production to level five, followed by Advanced Mass Production to level four. You will also need researched blueprints for the items involved.

EVE Industry: What You Need To Decompress Care Packages

The decompression package is much harder than the compression practice, and presents the main obstacles for most players. You will need the following:

A character with perfect or near-perfect module refining skills. This means training Scrapmetal Processing should be trained to four, which is really painful for most players.

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A station with a good refinery that you can use without too much waste. This usually involves a player-owned outpost with a low tax rate, or else an NPC station owned by an NPC corporation that you have extremely good standings with (6.67 or higher).

Non-ideal conditions are okay, as long as waste and taxes are relatively low. For example, if I can get a perfect refine rate at a player-owned outpost, I am generally willing to accept 5% or even 10% mineral tax. This is because I can expect that the markup on the finished product will earn me well above that percentage in profit. But a station with a 15% tax rate might be much less acceptable, unless I am truly desperate to get ships in there. If nothing else, it's probably much cheaper than buying a ship off the local market.

For more about refining care packages, check out this EVE industry guide.

EVE Industry: Naga Care Package

  • x1 Naga blueprint copy (1-run)
  • 425mm Railguin I x19
  • 350mm Railgun I x15
  • Doom Torpedo I x2,000
  • Fusion XL x300
  • Mexallon x7,165
  • Nocxium x6,969
  • Zydrine x2475
  • Megacyte x518

EVE Industry: Oracle Care Package

  • x1 Oracle blueprint copy (1-run)
  • 425mm Railgun I x31
  • 800mm Repeating Artillery x10
  • Thor Torpedo x4,000
  • Doom Torpedo x100
  • Tritanium x27,338
  • Pyerite x15,006
  • Zydrine x3753

EVE Industry: Talos Care Package

  • x1 Talos blueprint copy (1-run)
  • 350mm Railgun I x19
  • 800mm Repeating Artillery I x24
  • 425mm Railgun I x5
  • Thor Torpedo x2,900
  • Tritanium x12,440
  • Pyerite x20,104
  • Mexallon x20,178
  • Zydrine x1,821
  • Megacyte x 388

EVE Industry: Tornado Care Package

  • x1 Tornado blueprint copy (1-run)
  • 425mm Railgun I x27
  • Doom Torpedo x3,400
  • 350mm Railgun I x1
  • Pyerite x9,570
  • Tritanium x8,610
  • Isogen x5279
  • Zydrine x1,646
  • Megacyte x771

EVE Industry: Final Note

When planning your ship building business please note that, as with any EVE industry project, the numbers above will vary slightly based on the material efficiency of the module blueprints, any refine waste or taxes that must be endured, and the material efficiency of your ship blueprints. I have assumed a material efficiency of 20 in the examples above.

Please also note that there will inevitably be small amounts of minerals left over as a result of the compression process. These can be used, sold, or even brought back to high-sec space to be re-used. I find that it is generally helpful to have a little stash of extra minerals.

Best of luck with your new ship-building business and your other EVE industry projects!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016