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Tabula Rasa finds the Humans of Earth homeless, and seeking new worlds to inhabit. In the war against the Bane, the destroyers of Earth, Humans must form alliances with alien races to ensure a successful fight. The Brann are one such peoples, and it may be possible to combine the strengths of each other into a new Hybrid race.

The ability to create a Brann/Human hybrid must be unlocked through a mission series that begins in Mires, in the Old Brann Landing Zone. Once the mission series has been completed, the Brann Hybrid race choice will be available to the account’s future clones and newly created characters on that server. The mission series is available to all characters on your account for the experience, regardless of whether the player account has already unlocked the hybrid.

Brann/Human Hybrid

Discovery: Jhulyus, inside the Brann Landing Zone at 12,238,-626 has something very important to tell you. The Brann have become docile, allowing the Bane to use them as slaves. Because the humans will not give up without fighting, the Bane will stop at nothing to destroy the whole race. Jhulyus believes he has discovered a sinister plan that would accomplish this, but he needs proof before AFS headquarters will believe him. He knows of a location where the Bane have been sending shipments in, and he needs you to find out what is in them. Your first stop is Control Point Orsa, just north of Brann LZ. This is a highly contested base, and often you’ll find it in Bane hands. What you need is inside, so you’ll have to help reclaim the base before climbing up to a platform at -179,212,-66. A large crate here contains the Sample from Bane Shipment that you need. Retrieve the item and return it to Jhulyus for 4500 credits and choice of Graviton, Hazmat or Stealth Legs.

Diagnosis: Jhulyus doesn’t have the appropriate equipment to analyze the sample, but one of the Brann scientists known as Connant does. You can find him inside the medical facility at Baylor Base to the east. You can take the long way by running overland through masses of Bane, or pop into the waypoint behind you. Once inside Baylor Base you’ll need to take one of the bridges over the lava flow, and head up to the medical facility. Connant can be found inside here at -789,227,-418 subquest #1. Unfortunately, Connant is a little preoccupied with trying to acquire more supplies for the hospital here. If you can make the trip up to Outpost Condor and speak to Field Medic Casey, you may be able to secure the supplies Connant needs. Head back to the waypoint and take it to the northern outpost, where Field Medic Casey waits at 217,230,716 subquest #2. Sadly, Casey doesn’t have any supplies to give out, so he points you toward Fort Haroun.

Once again, you can take the shortcut via waypoint transporter, or run overland east to Fort Haroun. Sgt. Leitch is in the central command area of Haroun at 567,224,335 subquest #3. Guess what? He wants you to do a favor for him, before giving up some of his extra supplies. He lost a bet, and owes a bunch of the fellas packs of smokes. He’s got a suspicion that Captain Dial at Quicksilver Outpost is the man to see about cigarettes. Take the waypoint to Quicksilver Outpost (who are we kidding, you aren’t going to run there) and find Captain Dial at -553,235,-200 subquest #4. He did have a full carton in his rucksack, which he carelessly dropped on a recent Bane hunting mission. You’ll find the dropped rucksack just inside Bane walls at -336,236,-225 subquest #5.

Take the carton back to Sgt. Leitch in Fort Haroun, then find the crate of medical supplies near him at 561,224,338. Back to Field Medic Casey in Outpost Condor you go, to deliver cigarettes for Leitch. Finally, deliver the medical supplies to Connant in Baylor Base who is astounded at your dedication. He has checked out the sample you brought him earlier, and agrees that a major catastrophe is in the works. Take your reward of 4500 credits and choice of Rifle, Chaingun or Leech Gun, then listen to his plan.

Consult: Connant in the Baylor Base medical facility begins to tell you the story of the Brann’s former life on the planet Erdas, before being enslaved by the Bane. A plague washed through the people, killing many before a cure could be found. After generations of injecting the cure into the Brann, their DNA restructured to include a natural immunity to the virus. Connant will not stand by and let this plague affect the humans. Take the information that Connant gives you to Dr. Torpor, who can be found in Fort Haroun, and see what he can do. You’ll find Torpor in the tunnels of Fort Haroun at 688,226,405. After studying the information from Connant, he believes he can synthesize a vaccine if you can get a lot more of the powdered substance from the Bane.

Torpor sends you to General Mondragon who can be found in the upstairs rooms of Fort Haroun at 576,232,355. The General is all about action, and has already consulted his men in the field about what’s happening. The Bane Caretakers have already started weaponizing the plague, so you’ll need to take some of the down for samples, along with some non-weaponized powder from the supply cache. The supply cache with the shipping crate is found inside Bane territory at -291,227,114. Just below this area, several Caretakers will spawn along the path. A more reliable area for Caretakers is north of Iapyx around 581,235,-57, near the Flight Salvage mission area. Gather the needed Plague Samples, then return them to Dr. Torpor in Fort Haroun for a reward of 4500 credits and choice of Bio or Mech Vest, or Reflective Legs.

Hello, Boys

Remedy: Dr. Torpor in Fort Haroun has taken your plague samples, and was able to create the vaccine that will save the humans. You are to return with the vaccine to Connant in Baylor Base so he can inoculate you. Back to the Baylor Hospital you go for your shot, and an odd mission from Connant. In order to test that the vaccine is fully effective, you’re going to have to take one for the team. You’re going to run up to a Bane Caretaker and let it kill you. Head back out to the Caretaker area north of Iapyx around 581,235,-57. The trick here is that you don’t want anything but a Caretaker to kill you, or you’ll fail. 6 or more Caretakers can be found here, making your job a little easier. Remove your armor and place it in your backpack (turn up the cheesy porno music if you’ve got it) to make the job of killing you that much easier. After a Caretaker kills you, choose to respawn at Baylor Base (and put your clothes back on, you freak). Your work was successful, and a viable vaccine has been prepared. For your efforts, Connant provides you with a clone credit and the ability to create a Brann/Human characters. Congratulations!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016