This mission series is part of the new player tutorial process for the Caldari
race.  If you've
chosen to skip the tutorial, I suggest going back and doing these missions
anyway as they really are a valuable crash course for playing in EVE Online and
award much needed items such as skills, credits, ship equipment, and a couple of
ships that are a huge upgrade from the rookie ship.  The series is a set of
10 missions.  You may choose to do them all at once like I did or you can
do them one at a time as your schedule permits.  Just remember not to
accept a mission until you are prepared to complete it.  Putting a mission
off often loses you bonus rewards which can be sometimes even more impressive
than the original reward.

This guide will walk you through each mission, step by step, and offer tips for
the new player.  If you have any questions regarding these missions that
aren't answered here then please

visit our forums
to ask!


Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 1 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Clear the pirates from the asteroid belt, as your agent has
requested on behalf of a group of miners.

REWARD: Weapon

BONUS REWARD: Weapon Ammunition

MISSION DETAILS: Missions 1 through 9 are in the same system so all you
need to do is undock and warp to the deadspace location. When you warp in,
you'll find one small vessel nearby and a few others a bit further off. They are
far enough apart that you can pick off the closest single ship then the two
close together, then finally the last single. It will help to have the newbie
shield booster equipped for the long series of fights.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 2 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Eliminate the pirates and rescue the civilian miner they are
holding as a captive. You will find the civilian in a cargo container ejected
from one of the pirate's ship.

REWARD: Frigate ship

BONUS REWARD: 53000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: You'll want to equip the weapon and ammo you just
received from the previous quest. You can either replace your newbie weapon or
ditch the miner and use it as a 2nd gun. Undock, load your ammo, then warp to
deadspace location.

Upon arrival you will be quickly attacked by 3 small ships. With your new gun
(and even better with two guns if you can equip both) you can take these guys
out easily. 2 more ships will come in and attack, which are also easily
destroyed. Pick up your loot and specifically find the ship that has a cargo
container attached. You need to loot this in order to progress your mission.
Once you've picked up your civilian, you can head back to the station to
complete the mission.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 3 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the pirates, loot the secret documents from the
container they leave behind, and report back to your agent.

REWARD: Propulsion Jamming skill

BONUS REWARD: 81000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: If you are running the tutorial (please do) then you've
got all sorts of nifty things it is asking you to do. Follow directions
carefully because it is there to help you! Make sure your ammo is loaded to your
gun then warp to the deadspace location.

As soon as you warp in, you'll see drones zipping around everywhere. It is here
that you'll want to use the webifier that you've been provided. This will slow
those little guys down so that you can actually get target (use your overview
rather than trying to click them) and fire at them. They die pretty quickly even
though there are a lot of them. One will have a cargo container attached to
their wreckage, loot it to pick up the secret document and return it to the

Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 4 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Warp to the deadspace area. Find the stargate and approach it.

REWARD: Afterburner I

BONUS REWARD: 33000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: Warp to deadspace location. This part is meant to teach
you about your shielding which it does by having the stargate provide plenty of
damage to shield against. There is nothing to kill here, so just get close
enough to the gate to get the journal update then warp back to the station. No
need to hang out here and die or anything!

Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 5 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Meet up with the pirate at the repair outpost. Follow his
instructions and then report back to your agent.

REWARD: Shield Managment skill

BONUS REWARD: 26000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This is a very simple mission. You warp to location and
a dialog box will open up. The pirate ship will communicate with you and wait
for you to attack. Attack and destroy the ship, which should be easily done,
then warp back to the station.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 6 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Destroy Tahamar's Outpost. You will find it in the final room
of the complex.

REWARD: Ocular Filter

BONUS REWARD: 59000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This is your introduction to acceleration gates. Warp to
location then approach the gate. Activating the gate will send you flying off to
your destination which is basically an instance for your mission. Note this
process because it is generally how you will get to mission locations.

The location around the gate is full of hostile pirates. You need to destroy
them all before activating the gate which might take a while. None of the
pirates are very difficult but since the fight is long make sure you have plenty
of ammo and your shield booster available.

Once they are all destroyed, activate the gate. Here you will find the outpost
you need to destroy. Target and destroy it then get the heck out. You don't need
to fight the pirates that spawn when you attack the outpost and they do a lot of
damage so you really don't want to unless you're equipped to do it.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 7 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the pirates at the convoy ambush site. If you get low
on hit-points, simply warp out and regenerate, then warp back in.

REWARD: 36000 credits

BONUS REWARD: 32000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This is a brutal fight. I counted 11 pirates in total
and they just sort keep flowing in every time you think you are almost done. If
you are well equipped at this point (which you should be) then with quick
targeting and a shield booster use you should do okay. If things get a little
too hairy, you can warp out, let your ship recover, then go back in without
having the encounter reset with all the ships again. You need to destroy them
all in order to progress.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 8 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Fly to the hotel your agent mentioned, and retrieve the VIPs.
If something is amiss, then report back to your agent with the details.

REWARD: Overdrive Injector System

BONUS REWARD: 39000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This is a startling mission when you don't realize
what's going to happen. You go to pick up your VIPs and yes indeed something is
amiss. The hotel is in pieces and the moment you come out of warp you take an
impressive amount of damage to your shield and armor. You don't want to be here
(and don't have to be) so immediately warp back to the station to report your
findings...or lack of.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 9 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Destroy the narcotics warehouse and report back to your agent.

REWARD: Stasis Webifier

BONUS REWARD: 54000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: After warping to the location, you are immediately met
by a few pirates. You will need to destroy these plus another 3 that are
guarding the acceleration gate before you can activate the gate.

After you activate the gate and warp, you'll meet up with another small group of
pirates. They seem to come in groups of three, but they are spaced out enough
that you won't have to take them all on at once. As you move closer to the
narcotics warehouse that is perched on top of the barren asteroid, you'll
encounter more pirates but none of them are particularly tough and you can use
the trick of warping out and returning prepared if you are taking too much

Once the pirates have been destroyed, point your guns to the narcotics warehouse
and start shooting! It might take a while to destroy it but it doesn't do any
damage to you so it's an easy fight.

Cash Flow for Capsuleers: Mission 10 of 10

OBJECTIVE: Find Tahamar and take him out, once and for all.

REWARD: Sharpshooter skill

BONUS REWARD: 148000 credits

MISSION DETAILS: This is a very cool mission because they give you a
brand spankin' new frigate just for accepting it. That's my kind of motivational
gift! You likely can't use the ship yet, but that's okay, you will be able to
soon after you train up those skills.  If you can use it then it will help
you along in this mission.

This mission takes you way out of the current system so you'll need to right
click on the location of the encounter in your mission journal and set
destination. Either use auto-pilot to take you to the correct system or follow
the destination points to find the stargates you need to jump through. You may
be traveling through some less than reputable areas so keep a vigilant watch out
and don't hang around in unsecured areas for long.

The first deadspace area you'll see when you warp in is an acceleration gate and
a couple of groups of pirates. Once you've destroyed the first two groups, a
couple more pirates will spawn and attack. The 2nd group is a bit more difficult
that the previous groups so be sure to utilize your shield booster often.

Activate the now secured gate and move on to the next area. Here there will be a
set of 4 ships.  As these are being destroyed, 2 more waves of ships will
spawn in sets of 2.  This all happens slow enough that while you really
don't have too much time to recover, you aren't being pummeled either. 
Activate the gate once you have secured this area.

This is where all heck breaks loose. Here you'll find several tough ships, a
webifier that slows you down immensely, and a stasis tower that you need to take
out. I got spanked hard the first time I went in. I warped to a nearby station,
repaired, then added a armor fitting and picked up a bigger gun with some of the
credits I had earned from the previous missions. I went back in prepared and
took out the 3 ships first which was a bit easier with my new gear. Once the
ships are gone, target the stasis tower and attack. It doesn't dish out damage
but it takes forever to destroy but once that's out of the way Tahamar spawns
and is weak and a very quick kill.

To get back to your original contact, find them in your people and places tab
and set destination.

Congrats! By the time you're done with this series you've acquired skills,
credits, ships, ship gear, and a much better understanding

of how to play EVE Online!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016