In the central hills of the Concorida Wilderness rests a place of immense power and significance to the Forean natives. The Caves of Donn is home to a considerable number of Eloh artifacts which are of great interest to Bane forces. Your mission is to infiltrate the caves, neutralize any threat to the artifacts security, and assist the Foreans in defending against Bane incursions at all costs. The codename for this mission is Swiss Cheese. Good hunting!

The Caves of Donn is a single squad instance designed for squads around level 8 or 9 and can be soloed by level 11 or 12. This instance will very likely be the first you visit and is the least difficult of the Wilderness stories to complete. There is a medic inside where you can repair your armor and buy things like ammunition, medical kits, etc.. Before entering the instance be sure to grab the mission To the Caves from Council Elder Nula in Ranja Gorge (-709.7, 170.1, -337.8).

When you first enter the instance you'll update To the Caves and get get a nifty 1500 credits and your choice of Class 2 Advanced Medpacks or Class 2 EMP Grenades (thank you Darammer). Moving up ahead you'll meet up with Lieutenant Stone who will give you the mission Too Quiet. Investigate the top of the hill, how difficult could that be? Racing up the hill you'll find a dozen or so Thrax Soldiers, Caretakers, Forean Machina, and Shield Drones. Don't be afraid to use the hill for cover as running up will result in a lot of damage if you aren't careful. Once the area is clear your Too Quiet mission will update by radio and you'll receive your reward of 2000 credits and your choice of Prodigy Conical Repair Tool or Luminar Reflective Gloves. While you are nearby, grab the Trap Logos at -298.6, 41.2, -250.2.

Run back down the hill and to your left you'll see cave with a dying Forean just inside at -247.4, 24.2, -284.4. He'll give you a mission called Body Count which will put roughly 3 minutes and twenty seconds on the clock and tell you to go rescue the other foreans. This has been impossible as far as I can tell, but fortunately at this point you can just restart the mission when you fail until you make it. Head down the passage (ignoring the branch to the right) and stop by the Feeling Logos at -202.8, 9.3, -140.2. Just beyond the shrine behind the pool of water you'll find the Foreans and get your mission update. Speak with the Lost Forean at -205.4, 7.5, -111.5 to complete the mission and get a choice between a Luminar Motor Assist Armor Vest and a Prodigy Direct Repait Tool

The Lost Forean explains the Bane are here (of course) and have started desecrating ruins. Bottle up that curiosity of how they are desecrating them and accept the What Evil Lurks mission. Time to go find the Bane, so head back the way you came and take that side passage you so carefully avoided the first time around. Stepping out into the open will put you head to head with a few Xanx. Your objective is at the top of the hill in that clearing, and rushing up (the Foreans will help) will spawn a number of creatures including Miasma, Thrax, Forean Machina, and a named called Excavator Xang. After dispatching of everything you'll get a radio mission completion of What Evil Lurks and be rewarded with your choice of a Teleract Leechgun or Luminar Reflective Armor Legs.

Completion of this quest will begin another radio mission called The Reason Why. Apparently AFS command wants you to investigate the first, second and third Eloh ruins with an optional objective of destroying a Bane teleporter. Sounds like cake right? The first ruins actually are cake because you are standing at them. You can find the first switch in front of a statue around -161.2, 37.7, -326.3 grabbing your update. head back down the hill and through a cave on the opposite killing as much as you want.

The next area can result in injury if not properly prepared for what awaits you. When you enter the clearing you'll see a path to the left and straight ahead up a hill. All the ridge lines surrounding you have Forean Machina taking shots at you so it's easy to become overwhelmed. The path to the left leads to the Bane teleporter at 1.6, 21.0, -232.8 which is guarded by a piece of artillery. It might benefit you to pick off the snipers before attempting anything on the ground. You'll notice a switch on a statue at 6.6, 21.5, -290.9 which will provide your second update.

Next head up the hill and back down into the other cave clearing as quickly as you feel comfortable, you are on the home stretch. At the end of this cavern section you'll see a large and rather dark chamber. This is filled with a dozen or so shield bots, Forean Machina, Xanx, and Thrax soldiers. Dispatch everything in the room and move forward to the statue at 174.2, 9.7, -289.9. Using the switch here will update The Reason Why and open up a chamber to your left. Inside the chamber you'll find the Heal Logos and complete the The Reason Why providing you a Specialist biased choice of a Luminar Hazmat Armor Helmet or Astral Radial Healing disc. The mission will also update your Targets of Opportunity mission by completing one of the operations required. Take the nearby teleporter to the beginning and turn in your missions.

We hope this guide has been useful to you in completing the Caves of Donn. See anything we left out or have a correction? Email me, and you'll get full credit.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016