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Traveling in Lord of the Rings takes time. While the horse routes provide you with a way to reach various places along a given path, as you progress the need for off road transportation will become more apparent. Once you reach level thirty five its time to start looking for your own trusty steed.

To earn your first horse it will not be an easy task. First you must head for the village of Bree. From there, head north along the road into the Northern Bree Fields until you reach a break in the road that heads east. Follow this road until you reach the Hengstacer horse farms. Seek out Eogar the owner and he will set you on the first of your task to earning a horse.

Here are a few things to note before you begin.

1. Getting attacked can knock you off the horse and cause you to fail the task.

2. Falling off cliffs or hills, even smaller ones can often knock you off the horse and cause you to fail.

3. Stay out of the water when possible. It can cause you to fall off the horse at certain depths causing you to fail the task.

Fresh Steed for Bree

Eogar is willing to teach you how to ride a steed of your own if you will first help him with a few task. The first task will require you to deliver a Blond Sorrel steed to the stable master near Bree’s western gate. Once you accept the quest click on the Blonde Sorrel steed under the stable behind Eogar and ride it to the west gate of Bree. Once you arrive it will automatically despawn. Head back up the road and speak to Eogar again to complete this task and receive your next one.

Fresh Steed for Michel Delving

Your next task is a bit further away. It seems the stable master in Michel Delving which is located in the far west of the Shire is in need of a fresh Chestnut steed. Once you are ready click on the Chestnut steed in the stables behind Eogar and ride southwest for Michel Delving. The way I did this was to head southwest towards the Brandy hills and take the road south of that to the west until you hit the Shire. This road will run right into Michel Delving. You should make it with time to spare. Once the horse is delivered, make your way back to Eogar at the stables and speak with him again.

Fresh Steed for Othrikar

This is the longest of the three rides. Speak with Eogar and he will inform you that the stable master in Othrikar is an old friend of his that he met in the Riddermark. He had promised to send him a fresh steed, but had lacked the riders to do so. Guess who just volunteered.

You will need to deliver a Bay steed to the stable master of Othrikar. If you have been to the dwarven stronghold before grab your steed and ignore this next part and proceed. If not, read on.

When you are ready collect the Bay steed behind Eogar and ride north to Trestlebridge the city that sits on the border of the North Downs. From Trestlebridge ride north along the road until it turns east and ride east as far as you can go until it branches into only a north road and a south road. Head north and this road will lead you right to the gates of Othrikar. The stable master is right near the entrance. Once you have delivered the horse make your way back to Eogar.

Proving Your Quality

The last task you must complete to earn your steed is the obstacle course that Eogar has set up around his farm. He wants you to beat his stable hands record of two minutes. This course is a difficult. You have to ride the course and ride under each of the course gates. The best way to complete this is by using short cuts. Jump gates, cut corners, and use every time shaving tactic you can think of. If you fail there is a twenty minute timer before you can try again. Make sure you don’t miss any of the gates. There is little to no time for correcting a mistake on this run.

Once you successfully complete the obstacle course speak with Eogar and your character will be flagged with the ability to ride mounts. Now comes the painful part. Talk to Eogar and he will offer to sell you a horse of your choice for Four Gold Two Hundred and Thirty Silver. OUCH!!!

This my friends is how you obtain your horse. One thing of note is that personal steeds are not as fast as stable master steeds, but they are still faster than running and provide you with greater mobility across the lands. Good luck to you and enjoy your new horse.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016