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  • What are
    the required system specs?

    Minimum System

        * OS:Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

        * CPU:2.5GHz Single Core or 1.8GHz Dual

        * Memory:1GB RAM

        * Video:NVIDIA GeForce 7800 / ATI Radeon
    X700 or HD / Intel Graphics with Dual Core

        * Sound:DirectX Compatible Soundcard

        * HDD:5GB Free Disk Space

        * Network:ADSL / Cable Modem

        * Disc:DVD-ROM

        * Driver:DirectX 9.0c

    Recommended System

        * OS:Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7

        * CPU:2GHz Dual Core or Better

        * Memory:2GB RAM or Better

        * Video:NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or Better /
    ATI Radeon HD3850 or Better

        * Sound:DirectX Compatible Soundcard

        * HDD:5GB Free Disk Space

        * Network:ADSL / Cable Modem or Better

        * Disc:DVD-ROM

        * Driver:DirectX 9.0c

    To check if your computer meets the minimum system specifications:

       1. Click Start, then Run.

       2. In the Open box, enter dxdiag.

    a. Vista users will have to click through any approval dialogs which
    appear due to User Account Control settings

       3. Click OK to launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

       4. Click Yes.

       5. Review your system specifications by clicking
    on the related tabs:

    * System: Operating system, processor, and RAM. Note that Intel
    Dual-Core processors are named "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU"

    * Display: Graphics card manufacturer and chip type

    * Input: Keyboard and mouse

    ( href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/70828">Source)

  • How do I
    set up my Xbox 360 controller to use in game?

    Online can be played either with a standard keyboard and
    mouse set-up, or with a wired XBox 360 controller. To utilize the
    controller, simply plug it into an open USB port on your PC, and the
    game will automatically recognize it as a control device, adjusting
    on-screen key prompts to reflect the use of a 360 controller.

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  • When does
    the game launch?

    The North
    American PC launch for Champions Online is September 1, 2009. The
    European PC launch is set for September 4, 2009,
    with the option to purchase the downloadable version when it becomes
    available on September 1st. No firm release date has been announced for
    a console version, currently in development for the XBox 360, though it
    is expected to launch sometime in Q1 2010. ( href="http://champions-online.com/node/47780">Source)

  • How many
    characters can you have?

    players are able to create 8 characters per
    account. There is a reward system, however, that will allow players to
    open up additional character slots on an account level by simply
    playing the game. ( href="http://champions-online.com/node/92892">Source)

  • What is
    the level cap?

    current level cap is set at 40.

  • When do
    you get your first power upgrades?

    You obtain
    your first 2 powers at character creation, with your first
    additional power selection becoming available upon reaching level 5, or
    roughly around the time you complete the Champions HQ instance at the
    end of the Millennium City tutorial zone. You 'level up' your character
    by visiting the Power House, located at either Project Greenskin in the
    Southwestern Desert or at Force Station Steelhead in Canada.

    Additionally, you obtain your first 2 Advantage Points upon reaching
    level 7. These can be applied to increasing the Rank (think of Ranks as
    inherent potential of a power) of a power or adding in a new Advantage
    (these typically add something new to how a given power functions).

  • How many
    powers can my character have?

    By the
    time you reach the current level cap of 40, you'll be able to learn a
    total of 14 standard powers and 2 travel powers.

    Standard powers can be selected from any of the 18 available power sets
    by visiting the local Power House provided you meet certain
    requirements which will be listed in the individual power descriptions.

    You obtain your first travel power at level 5, and can select a second
    one at level 35.

  • What kind
    of servers are available (PvP, PvE, RP)?

    Online's server set-up is not like most other
    MMOGs.  Instead of operating on many named servers, the game
    is set up with one massive server with many different shards. 
    You and your friends will never have to worry about starting Heroes on
    the same server.  You will simply have to find out which
    instance your friends are in and go there.  This way all
    players will be able to play with each other at any time. ( href="http://www.champions-online.com/dev_blog/ask_cryptic_06-11-09">Source)

  • How many
    servers are there?

    The game
    will have a single server for both North American and European
    players. Each zone within the game will have a maximum number of
    concurrent users, and once that limit has been reached additional
    "copies" or instances of the zone will open up to accommodate more
    players. You can switch between instances by pressing the 'M' key on
    your keyboard which will present this as an option when available.

  • Can I
    alter my costume after character creation?

    You can
    adjust any aspect of your character’s costume at any time by
    visiting your friendly neighborhood tailor. Tailor NPCs can be found at
    Renaissance Center in Millennium City, Project Greenskin in the
    Southwest Desert or Force Station Steelhead in the Canadian Wilderness.

    To alter your costume, simply speak to the Tailor which will bring up
    the full costume editor where you can fine tune any of the visual
    elements of your hero. Each adjustment you make will add to the overall
    cost of the alteration, which also scales depending on your current
    level. Any costume parts you unlock during normal gameplay will be
    automatically added to the list of available options, and will be
    highlighted to help you find them more easily.

  • Is there
    crafting in Champions Online?

    can select a crafting profession from one of three available schools;
    Arms, Mysticism and Science. Each of these schools allows players to
    create upgrades, devices and even special items that can alter or
    enhance the visual effects of certain powers.

    To begin your crafting career, speak with either Justicar (located at
    Force Station Steelhead in the Crisis in Canada zone) or Robert Kaufman
    (located at Project Greenskin in the Desert Disaster Zone) to obtain
    the quest “A Crafty Contrivance” which will get you

  • Does the
    game have PvP?

    at level 10, players can participate in PvP matches by speaking to the
    Hero Games organizers in Millennium City, or by simply clicking on the
    appropriate icon located along the left side of the mini-map to bring
    up a list of available PvP matches. You can queue for PvP from anywhere
    in the world and will be alerted by an on-screen message once a new
    match becomes available.

  • What
    types of PvP are available?

    There are
    three main types of PvP in Champions Online, some being officially
    sanctioned by the Hero Games organizers located in Millennium City
    while others are ‘unsanctioned’ free-for-all events.

    The three main PvP match types open up at different levels as described

    Ultimate Tournament of Champions – Sanctioned PvP arena
    matches that open up at level 10

    B.A.S.H. – Unsanctioned free-for-all PvP matches that open up
    at level 20

    Apocalypse – Sanctioned PvP arena matches that incorporate
    PvE elements and open up at level 30

  • What are

    Nemesis system allows players to create and customize a unique
    supervillain which opens up a series of dynamic mission arcs beginning
    at level 25. Not only will you be able to choose the exact look of your
    Nemesis, but you can also select exactly which power set they use and
    even what type of henchmen accompany them during missions and beyond.
    While the ultimate goal will be to defeat your Nemesis and have them
    shipped off to Stronghold, their henchmen have a nasty habit of showing
    up when you least expect, often dropping clues that lead you to more
    complex, interesting missions that advance the overall Nemesis
    storyline. ( href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/71911">Source)

  • How do I
    create my Nemesis?

    At level
    20 players will begin finding a series of clues that will eventually
    point them towards creating their Nemesis at level 25. To do so, head
    to the Millennium City Police Department (located NE of City Hall) and
    speak to MCPD Captain Martin who will offer a quest to enter the data
    for your Nemesis on the nearby Crime Computer.

    From there you’ll be able to use the complete costume editor
    to fine tune the exact look you want for your Nemesis. You can also
    select their personality, power set and what type of minions will
    accompany them as your Nemesis begins sowing seeds of destruction
    across Millennium City and beyond.

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  • How do I
    find my friends in the game?

    You can
    add friends to your Friend List in one of the following ways:

    - Through the Social screen, which can be accessed by pressing F10 on
    your keyboard (or the 'Back' key on your 360 controller)

    - By running the /friend CharacterName command

    - By using the Search screen

    You can view your Friend List by clicking on Friends in the chat
    window. On the Friend List, you can view your friends and their current
    level and location. The Friends window also includes a Search screen.
    On this screen, you can search for players by name, league, account,
    location, level, and LFG status. After searching for a player, you can
    right-click on a name and send a tell, invite to a team, invite to your
    guild, or add to your friend list.

  • How do I
    create a Guild, or Super Group?

    completion of either the Desert Disaster or Crisis in Canada
    crisis zones, players will be able to form their own Super Group by
    speaking to Red Talon or Cyber Hive. In the Canadian Wilderness they
    will be centrally located at Force Station Steelhead, and in the
    Southwest Desert you can find them stationed near the massive statue of
    Grond at Project Greenskin.

    In order to create a super group,
    you need to have 5 players in a team, all on the same map as the super
    group contact, and none of them already in a super group. These team
    members will become the new super group, with the player who spoke to
    the super group contact as the leader.

    From there the process is pretty straight forward; select a name,
    colors and emblem for your Super Group and you're good to go!

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