Creating a build for Champions Online can be difficult with the insane number of choices a player has. Fortunately for you, your friends at Ten Ton Hammer are here to provide a quick guide for a healer (or ranged support if you’re fancy!) build to help you bring blessed relief to your allies and vengeance upon thy foes!

This build is based mainly upon two power sets, telepathy and celestial (the newest power set). Both power sets have a great amount of powers associated with the ranged support role (healing, buffing, and debuffing). In addition, there are a few attack powers in this build, which you’ll need. As a hero, you’ll need to defend yourself if need be.

Welcome, fellow heroes, to another build article for Champions Online.
As we have stated in our previous articles ( href=""
target="_blank">melee dps,
target="_blank">ranged dps),
creating a role-specific character for CO can be challenging due to the
almost limitless amount of choices available to the players. Few other
games provide the freedom to choose from any framework and power sets
as does Champions Online. Luckily for us, it is possible to create a
character that fits one of the time-honored MMOG roles (tank, healer,
melee dps, and ranged dps); it only takes us a little more work to do
so. Our purpose today is to showcase a build for ranged support, which
means a healer. The healer’s role is simple; keep his group
alive and fighting. Through buffing, healing, and even resurrection,
the healer keeps his group in the fight. This type of character is not
for everybody as that you’ll concentrate your abilities on
your group, not on the enemy. A good healer is a vital part of any
group and you should have no problem finding a group as one.

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As is standard with these build articles, I must state a disclaimer.
This build is not the ultimate, uber, crush-all-you-see-before-you
build of all healer builds. It is a good one, but there are better
builds out there. There will always be other players who have advanced
degrees in conceptual builds/game statistics/lack of social life
studies who will create more powerful min/max builds. This build is
meant to serve as a starting point for you. If there are powers and
abilities that you want and you do not see them on this build, then
feel free to take them. Always remember that it is your character and
you can play them any way you wish.

This build is based mainly upon two power sets, telepathy and celestial
(the newest power set). Both power sets have a great amount of powers
associated with the ranged support role (healing, buffing, and
debuffing). In addition, there are a few attack powers in this build,
which you’ll need. As a hero, you’ll need to defend
yourself if need be. Plus, you’ll have to solo sometimes.



Advantage: None

This is your basic energy builder ability. It is also extremely
versatile in that you can target a foe or a friend. If you target a
foe, you damage them and gain energy. If you target a friend, you heal
them, but only gain energy if you heal damage on them.


Advantage: Rank 3

This ability is similar to Radiance in that it can either heal an ally
or damage a foe. If your target is affected by Illumination, then this
power chains to nearby entities of the same type as the target, which
means you get to affect multiple entities.


Advantage: None

This power places healing energies around your target, which aids your
allies. You can target foes and allies with this power. If you target a
foe, any hero attacking them will receive the Mend buff, which is a HoT
(heal over time). This debuff lasts for 5 minutes. If you target an
ally, they receive the Mend buff if they take damage, and this buff on
the ally lasts for 30 minutes.


Advantage: Rank 2, Fatal Allure

This power deals dimensional damage to enemies in a cone shape in front
of you. The longer you maintain this power, the more damage you do. You
also have a chance to apply Fear to any affected targets, which lessens
their damage output. The fatal allure advantage has a 20% per tick per
target to knock the target down. However, feared targets are knocked
towards you instead of down.


Advantage: Rank 3

This power can be slotted in a support or passive power slot. This
ability increases the damage of your dimensional attacks (scaled to
your Presence). It also grants a bonus to your healing powers (scaled
to your Constitution), while also providing a lot of resistance to
dimensional damage and a moderate amount of resistance to paranormal
damage (both scaled to your Constitution). Finally, this ability grants
a small amount of healing every few seconds to all allies within 20


Advantage: Absolve

This power acts as an instant heal and a Presence buff. You heal the
target for 22% of their life. The absolve advantage removes the threat
of the target and grants them stealth for 10 seconds. This is a great
ability if your melee dps ally is getting some undue attention.


Advantage: None

This power inflicts ego damage over time to all foes within 25 feet.


Advantage: Deliverance

This power can target either a friend or foe. If you’re
targeting a foe, you remove a single buff and travel power from them.
If you’re targeting an ally, it removes one debuff, such as a
DoT or a heal reduction that has been inflicted upon them. The
deliverance advantage grants friendly targets to play the banjo (just
kidding!). Actually, the advantage helps friendly targets break free
from holds and such.


Advantage: Rank 3, Force Sheath

Your shield block power that reduces incoming damage and grants you
energy. Force sheath is a vital advantage (if you have a build that has
Force Shield, then you need Force Sheath) in that it continues the
effects of Force Shield for a few seconds after you stop using the
power. If the tank of the group fails in his job, you can go all
defensive using this power to keep you alive until he regains threat,
and it’ll re-energize you to boot.


Advantage: Mass Effect

This power is your hold ability. The longer you charge the power, the
greater the hold strength. The mass effect advantage causes enemies
close to your Ego Hold target to become slowed.


Advantage: Rank 2, Malevolent Manifestation

This power inflicts continuous ego damage to nearby foes (25 feet) and
applies a hold on each target hit. The malevolent manifestation
advantage makes your ego storm its own entity, which will continue to
attack your enemies without your assistance. This is a handy power if
you need to get out of Dodge quickly and put some distance between
yourself and your enemies.


Advantage: Rank 2

This power does three things for a short period. First, it increases
the efficacy of your healing powers. Second, it increases the damage of
your attacks. Third, it grants you flight.


Advantage: Rank 3

This power creates a protective shield around a target which absorbs a
portion of incoming damage up to a set amount. If the shield wears off
and there are still points left in the shield, the target is healed by
twice the amount of points left. This power scales with your Presence.

of Primal Dominion

Advantage: None

This power summons a circle at your feet, which increases your
resistance to knock up, knockback, damage, regeneration rate, and
stealth perception. It will also increase your threat and lower your
resistance to holds. However, you can leave the circle, causing it do
disappear after a few seconds.


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As with most other builds, the travel powers are really a matter of
personal preference. Most people like to take Teleport and Flight with
this build. Teleport helps you get out of danger quickly, whilst Flight
is just plain cool. Who doesn’t want to soar with the birds
and look down at the world?


There are several schools of thought on what to superstat with this
build. Some people like to take Presence and Intelligence as
superstats. Presence helps improve healing and buffing effects, whilst
Intelligence lowers the energy cost of powers. Some other people prefer
to take Presence and Constitution. As you’ve noticed from the
power list above, Constitution is tied into several of your powers.
It’s definitely worth it to increase all three stats with
various talents as you level up.

Well, there you go, fellow heroes. Hopefully, this build for ranged
support (sounds awfully official, eh?) will guide you in the right
direction. Bring succor to your allies and wrath to your enemies!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016