Vibora Bay, that magical city where the dead don’t rest easy,
takes a bit of effort for your hero to get to. To gain access to Vibora
Bay, the newest zone in style="font-style: italic;">Champions Online,
players will have to finish the Vibora Bay Apocalypse, which is the
crisis zone for this southern city that serves up some mean crawfish

Unlike the href=""
target="_blank">Lemurian Crisis
or the href=""
target="_blank">Monster Island Crisis,
the Vibora Bay Apocalypse is a more leisurely crisis zone, similar to
the href=""
target="_blank">Crisis in Canada
and href=""
target="_blank">Desert Disaster.
Here, you’ll undertake a number of missions to finish the
story arc of the Vibora Bay Apocalypse, wherein your hero stands strong
to deny the demon-angel Therakiel’s plans for conquest.

There are two distinct parts to the Vibora Bay Apocalypse. The first
part takes place in href="" target="_blank">Millennium
City, whilst the second takes
place in a ravaged Vibora Bay. The level for this mission chain is 37,
which means you’ll be able to take it at level 34, if
you’re feeling plucky.

There are spoilers below, so read on at your own risk.


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To begin the Vibora Bay Apocalypse, you’ll need to speak to
Juryrig, who can be found in the Science training area in the
Renaissance Center in Millennium City. He’ll start the
mission chain for you with the Tourists…of DOOM mission.
This will lead you to Club Caprice (also found in the Renaissance
Center) and the hero Valerian Scarlet, who will give you a number of
missions to do. Basically, you’ll be gathering components
that can be used for the Apocalypse and giving them to her to be
disposed of.

You will encounter one new gang, the Trey Kings, who dabble in magic
and demon worship, during the first part
of the Apocalypse mission
chain. Otherwise, you’ll be facing familiar foes such as
DEMON and ARGENT. You’ll also be introduced to a personality
you’ll deal with more in the second part of the Apocalypse
mission chain, Robert Caliburn.

After you gather some items and bring them to Valerian Scarlet,
she’ll ask you to deal with Robert Caliburn, who she says is
at the center of the plot to bring about the Apocalypse. However, you
find out that you’ve been played for a fool and that Valerian
Scarlet is working with Therakiel and that Robert Caliburn is actually
fighting to stop the evil. You’ll have a fight at Club
Caprice, but Valerian Scarlet will get away. Robert Caliburn will then
tell you that he’s going to Vibora Bay and that he wants you
to meet him at Dr. Ka’s brownstone in Vibora Bay.

Go to the jet and head on over to Vibora Bay Apocalypse.


The second series of missions for the Vibora Bay Apocalypse take place
in a ravaged Vibora Bay. The one safe spot in this zone is Dr.
Ka’s brownstone, which is protected by a magical barrier. The
surrounding city is torn up as the battle between good and evil rage.
Floating over it all is the Apostolic Church, which Therakiel has made
his lair.

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While there are approximately 10 missions for you to fulfill the
Apocalypse mission chain within this zone, there are a number of side
missions that you can do as well. If you’re looking to get
through the crisis as quickly as possible, then stick to doing the
missions from Dr. Ka and Robert Caliburn. They are the ones that give
you the missions to complete the chain. Other heroes, such as Black
Mask or Elder Hormenius, give you side missions that you can do if you
want some additional flavor or experience.

Be careful when traveling. If you go over one of the boundary lines
(the large cracks
with white light spilling out), you will die.

Overall, the missions here can be broken down into three phases. The
early missions for part two introduce you to the denizens of Vibora
Bay, such as the Dogz and the Sovereign Sons. You’ll learn
the background of Vibora Bay while doing so. The middle missions will
have you actively attempting to thwart the plans of Therakiel. In these
missions, you’ll be aided by the famous heroes of style="font-style: italic;">Champions Online,
such as Defender, Witchcraft, and Ironclad. You’ll choose
which heroes you’ll adventure with. Sadly, many heroes will
fall in battle and perish. The first time that it happened, I was
stunned! I wasn’t really expecting it.

Eventually, you’ll be told by Caliburn and Dr. Ka that the
situation is lost. Too many heroes have fallen and Therakiel is going
to win. Even worse, you find out that not only are you fighting against
Therakiel, but another evil entity is also working to bring about the
Apocalypse…Doctor Destroyer! The only remaining hope lies
with Juryrig, the mechanical genius of Vibora Bay, who has created a
time machine to roll back time to before the Apocalypse. In these last
stages, you’ll gather items that Juryrig needs to power his
time machine.

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At the end of the Apocalypse mission chain, you’ll need to
gather power for the time machine (Blast from the Past mission). The
power you’ll gather will be energy from Therakiel himself!
You’ll travel up to the Apostolic Church, where a battle is
raging between Therakiel and those who you’ve enlisted to
fight on your side in earlier missions. Make sure that you’ve
finished any missions that you wanted to do in Vibora Bay Apocalypse
before you enter the church. Once you enter the church, you cannot
return to the Vibora
Bay Apocalypse. As soon as you gather the required
amount of energy, you’ll be treated to a nice cut scene where
Therakiel believes himself to be triumphant only to have Doctor
Destroyer show up and rain on his parade. Then, you’ll find
yourself back at Juryrig’s garage, where he tells you to hop
into the time machine while he holds off the bad guys. Since
you’re in the time machine when it is activated,
you’ll retain the memory of what has happened. Therefore,
it’s up to you to stop the Apocalypse from actually happening
in the future. Fortunately, Dr. Ka has some knowledge about what has
happened and will work with you to avert such a fate for the world.

There you have it, my friends. The mission chain for the Vibora Bay
Apocalypse is an interesting and well thought out one. I enjoyed the
fact that I could complete the missions at my leisure and I
didn’t have to complete every single mission to finish the
crisis. (Even though I did actually do all the missions just to see how
they played out.) Basically, you’ll do a few missions in
Millennium City, the end result being that you’re betrayed.
After that, you’ll travel to a ruined Vibora Bay to stop the
Apocalypse, but you’ll be unable to do so. However, there is
still hope in the fact that your hero knows what is coming and, with
help, can work to defeat the Apocalypse from happening.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016