CoD: Warzone Tips and Tricks That You Need To Know

Things you need to know to succeed in CoD: Warzone.

Call of Duty: Warzone is arguably the best Battle Royale game on the market (sorry Fortnight and Apex).  Over 15 million players jumped in over the first 48 hours. 

If you are a Battle Royale veteran you will not only want to know what to do in Warzone, but also what is different from your current favourite game. 

How CoD: Warzone is different from Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG

  • There are killstreaks.  These are important as they allow you access to things like attack helicopters, airstrikes and other powerful bonuses. 
  • There are pre-made builds in-game that will fully kit you out.
  • Most loot comes from chests.  This is like Fortnite. 
  • You can complete in-game quests to boost your cash or loot. 
  • Weapon attachments aren't part of the loot. 
  • You land with a pistol.  You'll need to find a better weapon, but at least you are armed. 

General Tips

  • Kills in the pre-game lobby count as permanent XP on that weapon.  Don't waste that time. 
  • You can drop loadouts for underleveled teammates boosting their ability to contribute to your squad. 
  • Weapon colour is only a measure of how many attachments the weapon has, not of its hitting power. 
  • Landing in an unpopulated area gives you uncontested loot and a chance to gear up without much combat.   Landing in the high population areas is great, but risky. 
  • Self Revive, Armor Plates and UAV are the best items to purchase at the buy station. 
  • Don't buy Loadout Drops.  You get a free one with 12 seconds left in the first circle, every single game. 
  • Cut your chute to drop quickly and get to the ground first.  Remember to pop it again just before you land. 
  • Your parachute is reusable.   Pop it when jumping from a helicopter, off a roof, etc. to quickly travel. 
  • You can revive.  
    • When you die you go to the Gulag.  Win a 1 v 1 fight and come back to the game (once per match)
    • You can buy a self-revive.
    • Your team can revive you. 
  • Spend your money.  It's gone if you die and revive. 
  • Self-revive is $4,500 and a priority. 
  • The gas will kill you quickly.   Don't plan to stand in it at all. 
  • Items are colour coded based on rarity. 
  • Kills and XP in the pre-game warmup carry over to the game. 
  • Early contracts are usually safe to complete.   Later on, avoid them. 
  • In-game stores are marked with a shopping cart on your map.
  • You can shoot people as you drop from the plane.  Just cut your parachute and fire away.  Remember to open your parachute again or you will plummet to your death. 
  • Ping, ping, ping.  Loot, cash, locations.  Communication is important. 
  • Use Armor.  Remember you need to equip it.  It doesn't go on automatically. 

Advanced Tips

  • Only engage if you have the advantage.   Seems like common sense, but don't take a bad fight.  
  • High ground is important. 
  • Aggressive play is rewarded.   It usually easier to flank and attack enemies than to hold a position. 
  • You can rappel up and down elevator shafts
  • Know the map.  Play, play, play until you know the little idiosyncracies of the map. 
  • Play according to the loot you have.   If you looted a SMG then firing long-range is senseless, likewise, your sniper rifle up close isn't especially useful. 
  • The circle closes faster than in other Battle Royale games and is deadlier.   
  • Loadout drops are very important.  
  • Buying loadouts can make all the difference as they give you the gear you want instead of random gear. 
  • Do contracts whenever you can.
  • Share your resources with your teammates. 
  • If two of your team are in the Gulag you can watch your teammate's fight and help them by calling out the enemy. 
  • Use Buy Stations, but know that they are also bait.  Many players camp them. 


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Last Updated: Mar 30, 2020

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