Conan Exile’s server structure can be confusing, and as a new player, it’s difficult to know which server you should play on and whether you should choose Official or Private servers. In this short guide, we give you the run-down on the options available. 

Official versus Private

Official: Official servers are owned and operated by Funcom and, for the most part, come with a rigid set of rules. Typically this is PvE, PvE Conflict and PvP. Their differences are described as:

  • PvE: Only creatures and NPCs can harm players on PvE servers. Thralls will not attack players, and players cannot attack or kill Thralls. Building damage is turned off at all times.
  • PvE Conflict: On a PvE Conflict server you can only damage other players’ during “prime time” hours  (5pm – 11pm local server time). Building damage remains turned off at all times.
  • PvP: Player vs player combat is possible at all times. However, building damage will be limited to “prime time” (5pm - 11pm local server time). Players can fight each other as much as they want, but raiding and damaging buildings will be limited to set windows.

Regardless of which server type you choose, all Official servers are clearly detailed and follow these strict rules. In addition, Official servers are both popular and aren’t at risk of rogue admins or moderators. That said, their popularity also makes playing on them difficult. The majority are full, and with the lack of an AFK kick system, the likelihood of you getting to play on your chosen server - when you want to - is fairly slim.

Private: Anyone can own a Conan Exiles server, and as long as you’ve a credit card with funds on, you can even purchase one from within the game itself. Doing so, as a Private server owner, allows you to customize your server, while having the ability to gain Admin privileges, entry passwords, as well as the opportunity to determine server rules and its moderators. There are a many thousands of Private servers, and the rulesets on them all vary. Unfortunately, you’ll need to play on and get to know its community and its admin to see if they offer the sort of rules and  players you’ll like. For a good Private server rental, you’re looking at around £40 per month for a 40 player limit. In most cases, Private servers are formed by existing communities or players that are unable to find a server to their personal taste. Just be aware that some horror stories already exist of rogue admins abusing their power, and fundamentally, if a server owner decides that they no longer want to play the game, or pay for the server upkeep, there’s no information on what will happen to your character.


Some servers, whether Official or Private, have modifiers on them which adapt some of the server settings. Most Official remain fairly strict to the default settings, but some do have a “Fast” system (marked as an F), that drastically increases the leveling speed, while others change settings such as Harvest Amount Multipliers, Ping limit, or looting restrictions. When selecting a server, be sure to look on the right hand side under Server Settings to establish whether or not you like the rules that are on offer.


BattlEye is an anti-cheat program used by games such as Player Unknowns Battlegrounds, Ark, PlanetSide 2 and many more. While it isn’t foolproof, it’s probably the robust anti-cheat system available for Conan Exiles. On the server selection you can choose to filter BattlEye servers, while Steam will also ask you to install it. Some servers don’t use it, and in all honesty, I’d simply recommend you avoid them. Unless you like skirting with the possibility of playing with those who cheat, ensure you choose a BattlEye server.

Which Is Right For Me?

This largely depends on your play preferences. There's no right or wrong when it comes to choosing Official or Private servers as they both have the potential to offer the exact same thing. The one good thing about a Private server - certainly above that of an Official - is that if you and a guild have one, you can then password it to ensure there's always space for you. Despite that benefit, using a Private server isn't without risks and you should explore them and their communities before fully commiting to one. but in simple terms:

1. If you don't want to be regularly killed, and want to build in peace, choose a PvE server. 

2. If you don't want to be regularly killed, still enjoy building, but welcome some controlled PvP, choose a PvE-Conflict server. 

3. If you enjoy all elements of survival games, including regular death and PvP action, choose PvP. 

4. If you already have a community, want to protect your server with a password, or want unique rule-sets, choose a Private server 

Fundamental to all the above is ensuring that you filter you server search for your region, ping (lowest is best), and BattlEye. As long as you do, and follow our Quick-Join guide through steam, you shouldn't struggle to find a good server. 

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Last Updated: May 14, 2018

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