In the northwestern quadrant of the Concordia Wilderness sits the largest Forean village on the planet, a home among the trees, Daghda's Urn. This sprawling settlement contains not only the ruling body of Foreans but a few Corman facilities which will meet your basic needs. Not only will you find a transporter and vendor here, but a number of missions are available for those willing to serve. Many of these mission provide substantially nice rewards for your efforts.

It might comes as a surprise for you to learn the rulers of Daghda's Urn aren't actually in the village itself. Why not? Who knows, but you can find them in a cave to the west. There are two entrances, the first is a trail into the mountain around 800.0, 285,2, 794.1 and the other a sinkhole which is probably 50 meters wide around -779.2, 286.0, 755.4 which will drop you right in front of where you are trying to go.

The trip to Daghda's Urn can be a dangerous one. Your options are the northern trails from Alia Das which wind past a number of Bane ambushes and Xanx or the southern trails from Ranja Gorge lined with Machina, Xanx, and a few Predators on a good day. Neither of those sound very pleasant? Well you can always charge right up Memory Tree Hill in the middle of a raging battle to get by.

  • Xanx for the Memories - This mission begins with Apprentice Juvak at -635.4, 274.6, 844.1. Private Moore at -138.4, 220.3, -467.8 who tells you a heartwarming tale of a Shaman being ripped limb from limb by an Elder Xanx. Of course he wants the Xanx dead and who wouldn't? Head east towards Alia Das and find a trail going up into the mountains around -53.6, 197.3, 621.8. In the back of a valley guarded by a few other Xanx around 134.4, 247.1, 727.9 you'll find Atrioch the giant evil Xanx. This mission will be tough to solo before level 12. He will root you, but its best to stay out of melee range and wear him down with ungodly amounts of ammunition. The best strategy is, bring friends. Return to Juvak.
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    The only good Xanx is a dead one!

  • Going Native - Dr. Eleanor Corman at -755.2, 171.0, -281.0 initiates this mission after you've completed Contents Under Pressure from Ranja gorge.She wants you to go speak with their resident herbologist Council Elder Nula at -712.5, 170.8, -333.8. You'll receive a tiny bit of experience for this, but let's face it, there wasn't much challenge.
  • A Visit to the Elders - This mission requires the completion of Going Native. Council Elder Nula wants you to go to Daghda's Urn as soon as possible with no explanation. I personally had issues following these types of orders b ut we are soldiers and it's what we do. Find Council Luminary Doyan down in the caves at -796.3, 263.6, 742.5 who will tell you to talk to his advisor right next to him. Lazy. Completing this mission will reward with a direct healing disc or a salvage tool.
  • Childhood's End - This mission requires the completion of A Visit to the Elders and begins with Council Advisor Todae. Todae wants you to head south out of the village to a place called Stone Anvil and question the Rangers about Doyan's childs fate. Speak with Ranger Anjuhi at -478.1, 194.0, 522.5. After your update 4 level 10-12 Xanx will appear and proceed to beat you and the ranger down. Defeat them and you'll be directed to Ranger Tirna up the ramp at -505.8, 193.5, 475.5. Return now to Luminary Doyas for your reward.
  • Herbal Remedy - This mission requires the completion of Childhood's End and starts with Council Luminary Doyan down in the caves at -796.3, 263.6, 742.5. Doyan wants you to go see Elder Gadfly about a Tinctu Herb. Fortunately Gadfly is really close by around in the northeastern portion of the village in a bubble house. Gadfly wants you to kill the three devils. What he is referring to is three named Bane (Old Scratch, Archfiend and Horntail who wander around the pond near 622.3, 692.5. It might be advisable to have a friend or a high level on this one. Which you have completed this mission return to Gadfly. These named Bane also count for credit in your Targets of Opportunity mission.


  • Logos Mentor Ensine - All the Logos in the Wilderness are marked on the map by the friendly mentor located here in Alia Das at 755.8, 556.7. You'll receive individual missions for all of the below except Attack, Target, Here and Movement, Around, Chaos which is located in Crater Lake Research facility.
Symbol Name Area of Wilderness
Location (x, z, y - type /loc to display)
Here Daghda's Urn (Requires Power and Mind to Enter) -974.0, 284.0, 744.2

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016