Cells are an incredibly important part of Dauntless, but it's important to not confuse them with Perks. Perks are the benefits granted by Cells, weapons and armor. Perks have 6 tiers, and each will increase its effect. To reach Tier 6 for Perks, you'll need to combine multiple sources of that perk across your entire kit, as by default a single piece can only reach Tier 3. 

Where Cells are concerned, you gain these through breaking open Cores at a Core Breaker, many of which are scattered throughout Ramsgate. When you've broken open a Core, and depending on its rarity, you'll receive Cells. Cells can only be equipped into a weapon or armor slot, they provide a variety of buffs, and will allow you to stretch your kit Tiers to higher levels when you increase their Tier.

  • Combining two Tier 1 Cells will result in a Tier 2 Cell.
  • Combining two Tier 2 Cells will result in a Tier 3 Cell.
  • Combining two of the same Cell will create the same Cell at the next highest Tier.
  • Combining two different Cells from the same class will create a random Cell from that class.
  • Combining two Cells from different classes will create a random Cell from any class.

There are a total of 5 different Cell types, all with a different focus, and with armor sets having different slots for them. Cell types include: PowerDefenceMobilityUtility, and Technique. 

  • Power: The go-to Perk and Cell which offers pure damage output.  
  • Defence: Defensive in nature, these set out to mitigate Behemoth damage under specific circumstances.
  • Mobility: Allowing you to avoid attacks or regain Stamina quickly. Particularly useful with the Pike. 
  • Utility: Specific in nature, these tend to significantly improve a weapon and/or an effect for greater value.
  • Technique: Similar to Power, only more focused on specific circumstances and/or effects.

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Last Updated: Jun 05, 2019

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